Persatuan Monument in Kendari City, Southeast Sulawesi Province

Kendari City has an important role to Southeast Sulawesi Province. Apart from being the capital of the region, it also keeps improving in order to lure more tourists. It is true many travelers have recognized the beauty of Kendari City through popular tourist spots like OHO Botanical Garden and Nambo Beach. However, many other attractive vacation destinations are available in this wonderful city. One of them is called Persatuan Monument. Persatuan means “Unity”, so the monument becomes a symbol of union among people in Southeast Sulawesi Province.

The Nuance
The height of the monument is 99 meters and it appears majestic. In terms of design, it applies a bird’s eye concept. That means you would see an amazing landmark design from the sky. The shape of the monument is similar to a space rocket, having the combination color of silver and gold. Near to it, you can see several buildings, including the traditional houses of Southeast Sulawesi Province. Another feature is the pond, which is surrounding the foundation of the monument. Some local people are seen in the afternoon, as well.

Exploring Persatuan Monument
There are many things to do in Persatuan Monument. For example, you can learn the history of this landmark. Some locals often come to this location, so you can talk to them casually regarding the monument’s history. According to the locals, the monument was built as the symbol of unity among people in Southeast Sulawesi Province. The local government spent more than IDR 50 billion in building such pillar of the city. Despite its value, the monument looks simple and comforting.

Photography also becomes an interesting activity in Persatuan Monument. That means visitors may carry a camera and take some pictures of it. Apart from it, selfies are considered a good idea. No wonder, some couples, and families are seen in this area as the want to capture beautiful moments in front of the monument. As an alternative, the monument can be a good background for painting. Let’s the artistic blood flows through your vein while you draw a sketch of such stunning monument!

Being an icon of unity in Southeast Sulawesi Province, Persatuan Monument keeps attracting tourists as the time goes by. That means it will be a waste if you don’t drop by in that location while visiting Kendari City. Even local people would recommend it as one of the most recommended tourist spots to visit.

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How to Get There
Persatuan Monument is situated in Kendari City. As a capital of Southeast Sulawesi Province, it is quite easy to reach the location. For those who come from Jakarta, the most recommended type of transportation is an airplane. In this case, the destination is Haluoleo Airport in Kendari. The distance between Jakarta and Kendari is 2,583 km, so it is going to be a tiring trip! Once you arrive at the airport, it is time to reach the monument using a local transportation service. Usually, it only takes a few of minutes.

Where to Stay

  • Santika Hotel
  • Adipati Hotel
  • Classic Hotel
  • Imperial Hotel
  • Dragon Inn

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