Watu Garandu Beach in Lalonggasumeto District, Southeast Sulawesi Province

Beaches in Southeast Sulawesi Province are worth a visit. As for reference, there is Watu Garandu Beach, which is located in Lalonggasumeto District. The combination of calm waves and beautiful white sand never disappoint visitors. Most tourists come to the beach for either beach walking or swimming. In fact, you can do both! Not to mention you can do any fun activities, including flying kites, playing sand, sightseeing, relaxing at gazebos, and much more. Even the beach is suitable for photography.

The Nuance
In terms of beauty, Watu Garandu Beach shares similar characteristics to other coastal areas in Southeast Sulawesi Province. The water is stunning and the wave is calm.  As mentioned earlier, the sand is soft and white so it is suitable for beach walking. In the back, you can see trees and several traditional structures for resting. That means tourists can simply sit and enjoy sea scenery on such comfortable location. On top of that, the breezy wind makes it more soothing for you.

Exploring Watu Garandu Beach
Lalonggasumeto District is famous for its culture and nature tourism and it becomes one of the best tourist destinations in Southeast Sulawesi Province. For those who look for stunning nature attractions, Watu Garandu Beach is one of them. No need to explain it again, as it has been mentioned before. The question is what tourists can do in such beach. Well, the answer depends on people’s preference. For instance, it is as simple as beach walking. The good landscape of the beach and comfortable sand would satisfy you. Not to mention the wind is quite gusty.

The next thing to do is to witness the corals. Watu Garandu Beach features big rocks and corals, so you can explore them all. In terms of appearance, it is similar to Bali’s Tanah Lot, which emits a majestic and sacred aura. The best thing to do is to climb those corals and witness stunning coastal scenery from above, so you should not leave your camera behind. Such scenery is quite valuable and you must take some pictures of it using such device. As an alternative, you can use a smartphone.

Another thing to do in Watu Garandu Beach is to play in the water. The calm and refreshing sweater is quite safe for swimmers, but you should not get too far. It is better safe than sorry, so make sure to be careful. Once you have done all those activities, you can visit nearby eatery to try some local delights. What are the options, actually? Kabuto and Pokea are the best ones and they become the local’s pride.

Nearby Attractions

  • Al Mujahidin Mosque
  • Bokori Island
  • Hari Island
  • Kumapodahu Waterfall
  • Tamburano Waterfall

How to Get There
Fortunately, Watu Garandu Beach is situated near to Kendari City but it belongs to Lalonggasumeto District of Watugarandu District. From Kendari, the trip takes about 2 hours and the distance is 80 km. You only need to take Poros Unaaha-Pondidaha Street and directly head to Watu Garandu. The thing is outsiders need to spend much time and efforts in reaching the beach. Due to this reason, you shall consider using a tour agent service.

Where to Stay

  • Kharisma 2 Hotel
  • Rahayu Hotel
  • Nugraha Hotel

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