Kampa Beach in Wawobili Village, Southeast Sulawesi Province

There is a village called Wawobili, which is located in West Wawonii District. It is the home of a stunning beach called Kampa. The beach becomes one of the best coastal areas in Southeast Sulawesi Province, in fact. The distance is about 53 km from Kendari City and it holds rich natural resources. Not to mention it becomes an interesting tourist spot for those who are visiting Southeast Sulawesi. Thanks to its beautiful landscape, tourists are able to do many things there, including beach walking, swimming, snorkeling, photography, sunbathing, and much more.

The Nuance
Kampa Beach is famous for its crystal clear water and a formation of coconut trees. The white sand is also stunning and soft, on where you can walk on it without hassles. On top of that, the wind is gusty and comfortable. Once you get in the water, you may feel warm and comfortable sensation. Some parts of the beach are shallow, as well. Thus, it gives you an opportunity to explore the shorelines by swimming and snorkeling. Make sure to carry proper equipment and clothes, though.

Exploring Kampa Beach
Today, Kampa Beach becomes one of the most beautiful tourist spots in Wawonii Island. Thanks to beautiful white sand and crystal clear water, tourists can feel rejuvenated by spending some time in this location. It is also a refreshing place as many coconut trees grow abundantly near to the beach. That means visitors are able to sit and relax while drinking fresh coconut drink under those trees. The nuance becomes merrier if you come with either families or friends, actually.

The most popular activity to do in Kampa Beach is diving, as the underwater scenery is quite amazing. You can enjoy beautiful coral reefs and many types of fishes. For beginners, swimming or snorkeling can be an alternative as it doesn’t require intricate skills and knowledge. What you need is only proper gear and a good spot to do so. It doesn’t mean you need to carry you’re the snorkeling gear as the locals provide it for visitors. They are quite friendly to tourists, after all.

Apart from the beautiful shorelines, Kampa Beach is also popular for its stunning landscapes. The most famous feature is Wawongkeu Mountains, which are visible from the beach. What’s more? Tourists are able to witness pearls cultivation in a particular location near to the beach. Not to mention the government has provided some facilities, including gazebos, toilets, and eateries. When it comes to accommodations, some good hotels are available in West Wawonii District, so you can choose the best one.

Nearby Attractions

  • Langara Market
  • Babul Rahman Mosque

How to Get There
The question is how you can reach Kampa Beach in an efficient manner. From Kendari City, your destination is Wawonii Island located in West Wawonii District. Have no worries, as you can take a ferry to reach such location. Once you get there, take a local transportation service to reach the Beach. The trip won’t take much time and you would enjoy it well, but it takes longer if you come from Jakarta.

Where to Stay

  • Plaza Inn Hotel
  • Horison Hotel
  • Sahid Kawanua Hotel

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