A Cave of Rock Climbing in Soropia District, Southeast Sulawesi Province

Rock climbing is an interesting sports activity, as it takes both courage and skills. Not to mention it requires perfect safety gears and an instructor’s supervision. Regardless of the skills, location is also important. For those who are visiting Southeast Sulawesi Province, there is a good reference called Rock Climbing Cave. As the name suggests, the cave features a natural wall, which is perfect for such activity. The location is in Sawapudo Village and it takes only a few hours from Kendari City.

The Nuance
The cave has the height about 60 meters, so it is suitable for rock climbing. No wonder, most of the visitors come to the location to try such activity. That doesn’t mean you can only perform rock climbing, as the cave is also suitable for a small exploration. Everyone can enjoy good times in the cave, as the atmosphere is quite serene. The thing is the cave becomes a bit crowded on weekends, as many locals come here to enjoy rock climbing. Dare you to try?

Exploring Cave of Rock Climbing
It is a no brainer. The main feature of the cave is the formation of rocky walls, where visitors can climb on it. The aim is to reach the top of the wall, which is quite challenging and tiring. Not to mention it requires skills, knowledge, and proper equipment. Some people consider rock climbing only demands courage, but they are indeed wrong. They will get hurt without those requirements mentioned before. In this case, a help of a tour guide is definitely important.

The cave not only features rocky walls, but it is also surrounded by mangroves and a village atmosphere. The location is near to the sea, so the guests can feel the breezy wind and a refreshing nuance. Before reaching the cave, some villagers may welcome tourists with their wide smile and friendly attitude. Most of them are fishermen, actually. That means you have an opportunity to learn their daily routines, too. Apart from rock climbing, getting closer to the local settlement also becomes a good idea. Don’t you think so?

According to the history, rock climbing has become Southeast Sulawesi People’s hobby. In the past, those people developed the climbing skill to look for foods and survival. For example, they would like to climb to look for a fountain or bird’s nest. Today, rock climbing becomes a kind of sports, but it takes many considerations and the risk is quite high. Due to this reason, not all people are allowed to do it without any supervision.

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How to Get There
The location is in RE Martadinata Street and the distance is 21 km. That means it takes about 40-60 minutes to reach the cave, for those who come from Kendari City. What about the outsiders? For example, people from Jakarta should take an airplane to Haluoleo Airport, which is located in Kendari City. From such city, the next destination is Soropia District and Sawapudo Village. It is as simple as that.

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