Tobaku Beach in Lasusua District, Southeast Sulawesi Province

For those who visit Southeast Sulawesi Province, you must head to Lasusua District. Why is that? There is a top-notch tourist destination called Tobaku Beach, where tourists can feel breezy wind while enjoying beautiful sea scenery. To be exact, the location is in Ujung Tobaku Village and it is reachable using any types of vehicle. Both locals and outsiders often come to the beach for relaxation, as the atmosphere is quite supporting, especially during summer. Above all, the beach is also suitable for beach walking and photography.

The Nuance
Surrounded by the nature attractions and strong waves, Tobaku Beach becomes a worthy tourist spot to explore. The thing is the wave is quite strong, so you should not swim in the water. Not to mention the wind is considered stronger than other beaches in Southeast Sulawesi Province. Due to this reason, tourists can take advantage of the wind to fly some kites. The formation of coconut trees makes it more beautiful, too. When it comes to the sand, it is soft and beautiful. In fact, you can walk on it without any footwear.

Exploring Tobaku Beach
Not many travelers have heard about Tobaku Beach. Despite this fact, the beach gets more visitors over time. Thanks to numerous facilities and stunning views of the beach, tourists would definitely spend good times there. For families, Tobaku Beach can be a perfect area to play some games. The purpose is to bond with family members and create a beautiful memory. For example, there is a treasure hunt. You need to hide some items in some parts of the beach and the other members of your family need to find these things later.

The thing is Tobaku Beach offers many possibilities to do fun activities, including treasure hunting, building a sandcastle, exercising, flying kites, sunbathing, sightseeing, beach walking, and many other fun things. It is even possible to visit the beach at night, as you can throw a BBQ party or camping. However, this type of activities somewhat requires a permission from the locals. Not to mention you need to take a good care of the environment, especially not to litter.

What’s next? Tobaku Beach is located near to several tourist attractions in North Kolaka, so you need to explore them all. Make sure to carry enough money and use a good vehicle to visit those tourist spots. These things may be useful later and they support your tourist activity. For the best experience, it is recommended to hire a tour guide and a driver. That means you only need to relax and enjoy the trip in a comfortable manner. It is worth the expense, after all.

Nearby Attractions

  • Bintang Island
  • Blue Lake
  • Ponggi Waterfall

How to Get There
A trip to Lasusua District takes about 2 hours from Kendari City. For a faster trip, make sure to choose the right vehicle. Somehow, a rented car is the best option as it is fast and comfortable. Once you reach Lasusua, your next destination is Ujung Tobaku Village. It takes only a few minutes from Lasusua, and the scenery is stunning. Thanks to beautiful nature, your trip won’t be wasteful and boring at all. 

Where to Stay

  • Berlian Hotel
  • Srikandi Hotel
  • Utama Hotel

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