Namu Village in South Konawe Regency, Southeast Sulawesi Province

For those who are looking for a new holiday experience, Namu Village can be a good choice. This serene and lovely settlement is located in South Konawe Regency and it is quite popular among travelers. Moreover, the location is near to Tanjung Peropa Wildlife Reserve. That means tourists can explore two different tourist spots in one go. Namu Village has many types of attractions, including the charming beach, an interesting culture, and a vast option of local culinary. These things lure more visitors over time, including the foreigners!

The Nuance
The main feature in Namu Village is the beach. The locals named it after the location, which is Namu Beach. Featuring white beautiful sand and shady trees, the beach becomes tourists’ favorite spot in that settlement. Not to mention there is a pier, on which visitors can perform fishing and sightseeing. Several local boats are often seen, as well. When it comes to the villagers, they are quite approachable. Their houses are simple and they have a unique food called Kabuto.

Exploring Namu Village
It is common knowledge that Namu Village is the home of many attractions. The most beautiful feature of the village is the beach with its stunning white sand. Not to mention it is quite reachable from this settlement and becomes a good place for diving, snorkeling, and swimming. The nautical beauty like coral reefs and fishes are definitely charming, so you should never miss this opportunity. As for the tip, make sure to prepare the snorkeling gears beforehand. Renting is actually a good option.

The next attraction in Namu Village is the lake, on which tourists often relax and enjoy the nature. The color of the water is blue and it comes from the mountains, which are located near to the village. Next, there is a nearby waterfall! The location is about 1 km from the hill of Namu Settlement. The height of this waterfall is 10 meters and it is featured by a rocky landscape. Once you enjoy playing in this waterfall, the next thing to do is to explore the forest. It gives you an opportunity for hiking, as well. On top of that, many types of animals and plants are seen there.

Another interesting thing to do in Namu Village is to enjoy the culinary. The local foods would definitely give you a distinct experience, so you need to try them all. Don’t forget to learn some local cultures and get along with the villagers, as they may offer a free accommodation and foods for you.

Nearby Attractions

  • Moramo Waterfall
  • Senja Windonu Beach
  • Hari Island
  • Tanjung Peropa Wildlife Reserve

How to Get There
Namu Village lies in South Konawe Regency and it takes only an hour from Kendari City. It is going to be a short trip, as the distance is only 37 km from Kendari. It can even be faster if you take Poros Kendari – Andoolo Street. Once you reach South Konawe Regency, the next trip only takes a few minutes to Namu. At this point, you should have rented a hotel room!

Where to Stay

  • Arianto Hotel
  •  Aryo Putra Hotel
  • Duta Palangga Hotel
  • Exel Hotel

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