Travel Around Bangkutoko Mangrove in Kendari City, Southeast Sulawesi

In Southeast Sulawesi Province, there is a well-known natural vacation destination. The name is Bangkutoko Mangrove. This interesting tourist spot is located in Bangkutoko Village, Kendari City. As the name suggests, the visitors can witness beautiful mangroves and explore this location with here families. Apart from that, the location is quite reachable. It is about 16 km from Star Point. That means you only need to spend 30 minutes to reach this natural park. It is an opportunity to get closer to nature and enjoy its serenity.

The Nuance
What is the atmosphere of Bangkutoko Mangrove Tracking? It is a no brainer. The best feature is definitely the mangroves. There is a bridge with the length of 500 meters. It is actually the track for those who want to explore this location. The route is roundabout. Not to mention there is an entry point and many types of facilities. You can expect toilets, gazebos, a watching tower, and a keeper’s post. With these features, the site becomes more comfortable for the guests. Not to mention it is safe as there are several keepers around.

Exploring Bangkutoko Mangrove
The visitors come from different locations. Both the locals and outsiders are able to enjoy a good vacation in this area. It is an open tourist destination, after all. According to the local government, the site becomes recommended nature tourism in Southeast Sulawesi Province. Moreover, it preserves the nature beauty of Kendari City. In terms of size, the mangrove is quite wide. It is approximately 35 ha. The government supports the development of this site. That means they always do improvements over time.

Nature tourism is always popular. No wonder, Bangkutoko Mangrove Tracking remains 
as Kendari’s top ecotourism spot. In terms of popularity, it should be the same as Jakarta PIK. Apart from tracking, visitors can learn a history of the site. It is considered a new tourist spot, actually. The local government opened it in January 2016. As the time goes by, the mangrove tracking has gained more visitors. These include people of Sultra and those who live in other provinces.Overall, tracking is the most popular activity in Bangkutoko Mangrove Tracking. You may expect walking and sightseeing there. As for the tip, you must carry some snacks and drinks. The best place to rest and enjoy the foods is in the gazebos. The thing is you must spend some money to rent the gazebo. Have no worries. It is affordable, especially if you come with families or friends. Each of you should share the bill. This way, the rent fee won’t be an issue for you.

Nearby Attractions

  • UHO Botanical Garden

How to Get There
The location is in Bangkutoko Village. From Kendari, it takes only 30 minutes and the distance is 16 km. The best route to use is Banawula Sin Apoy. If you come from Jakarta, you should take an airplane from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport to Haluoleo Airport in Kendari. From there, take a local transportation to Bangkutoko Mangrove Tracking. It is as simple as that.

Where to Stay

  • Benua Hotel
  • Grand SO Hotel

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