Taipa Beach in Lembo District, Southeast Sulawesi Province

North Konawe Regency is part of Southeast Sulawesi Province and it receives its popularity due to many options of vacation destinations. One of them is located in Lembo District, which is called Taipa Beach. It is everyone’s favorite. The beach represents the pure beauty and cozy nuance, which is similar to that of Kuta. Most of the time, tourists come to this beach for swimming, photography, beach walking, and relaxation. Not to mention it is suitable for a family outing. All thanks to the perfect nuance of the beach.

The Nuance
Once you get to Taipa Beach, you can see its stunning white sand. The texture is soft and it scattered all around the shoreline. No wonder, many visitors take advantage of this feature for beach walking while enjoying the breezy wind. Next, it is the water. Taipa Beach has calm and clear water so everyone can swim and get in the water safely, including the kids. For those who don’t like swimming, there is a gazebo, on which you can relax and witness the sea scenery with your families.

Exploring Taipa Beach
Taipa Beach is famous for its white sand, on which tourists can walk comfortably. The sand has a comfortable texture, so it won’t hurt their feet. The shoreline has the size of 3 km, so it provides an ample area for an exploration. Not to mention it features a precipice on which tourists can climb. From the top of this hill, the views are indeed mesmerizing. It also becomes a favorite spot for photography, as it is surrounded by wondrous nature attractions like sea and islands. It takes an effort to reach the top of the hill, but is quite rewarding!

The next attraction in Taipa Beach is a unique breed of bird, which is called Maleo. If you get lucky, you can even witness these birds laying eggs on the sand. Maleo is considered an endemic animal of Sulawesi Island, so it can be seen easily in different parts of Sulawesi. The size of the bird is similar to that of a hen. Instead of incubating their eggs, these birds would bury them in the sand. One of their favorite locations is Taipa Beach, as the sand is safe and warm. There is only one rule, which is you are not allowed to ruin their eggs.

Another attraction in Taipa Beach is Golo Oti Cave, on which an ancient tombstone lies. Inside the cave, you may find a burial site of Lasamana (a famous figure in the past). It is considered a sacred tombstone and many locals come there for praying and they are looking for blessings and prosperity there.

Nearby Attractions

  • Oheo Blue Lake
  • Meseu Waterfall
  • Lalombundi Waterfall
  • Tiga Warna Lake
  • Golo Oti Cave

How to Get There
A trip to Taipa Beach takes 3 hours from Kendari City, as the distance is 103 km. It also depends on what type of transportation service you are using. For example, a private or rented car is a faster and a more comfortable option. The fastest route to use is Poros Unaaha – Pondidaha Street, and it is accessible using different types of vehicles. Still, a car is the most recommended one.

Where to Stay

  • Ala Homestay
  • Keiza Homestay
  • Leni Homestay
  • Grand Asera Hotel

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