A Multi-Colored Lake in Asera District, Southeast Sulawesi Province

Visiting an uncommon tourist spot is everyone’s objective, especially travelers. There is a recommended vacation destination located in Asera District and the name is a multi-colored lake. To be exact, the location is in Linomoiyo Village and it belongs to North Konawe Regency. The locals often call it “Telaga Biru”. The unique thing about the lake is its color, as it may alter over time. As the name suggests, the color can alter into 3 different colors, which are green, blue, and yellowish. The thing is the water never dries out, so visitors can keep coming to enjoy its beauty (even swimming!).

The Nuance 
It is true the most interesting part of the lake is the color of the water, as it can change the color over time. No one can explain the trigger of such phenomenon, though. Due to its freshness, the water is quite safe for swimming. The water is deep, but it is warm and calm. For kids, there is a stand offering a floating item for swimming. Apart from the water, the lake is also famous for its comfortable nuance. It is because the lake is surrounded by a pure nature and a good weather. Everyone can spend hours in this location and relax wholeheartedly.

Exploring Multi-Colored Lake
The first thing to do in this lake is to capture some pictures using a camera, as the color of the water is particular. The thing is you may never know the exact time when a specific color occurs. For a better experience, it is better to come with a local guide. This person may help you get around the lake and find some beautiful objects in an efficient manner. It is better than you are wandering around the lake without clues, isn’t it?

Photography is one thing, but there are other fun things to do in Multi-Colored Lake of Asera District. For example, it is to get around the lake. Some parts of this area feature a challenging landscape, so it provides an opportunity for an exploration (even hiking!). As long as you wear proper footwear and clothes, you are ready to go. Also, don’t forget to carry bottled water as the weather can be hot at noon. If necessary, you need to carry snacks as well.

There is an important consideration prior to visiting the lake, which is related to the time of visit. According to local people, the best time to reach the lake is either at noon or afternoon. It is when the weather is nice and the visibility is at its best. What about in the morning? Some fog is considered troublesome, as you can’t see clearly. That means you aren’t likely to enjoy the beauty of the lake in the morning.

Nearby Attractions

  • Oheo Blue Lake
  • Meseu Waterfall
  • Lalombundi Waterfall

How to Get There
First things come first. For those who come from Jakarta, the first destination is Haluoleo Airport located in Kendari City. From there, the next destinations are North Konawe Regency and Asera District. Later, you need to head to Linomoiyo Village, on which the lake is located. This whole trip takes roughly 3-4 hours and the distance is 142 km. When it comes to the fastest route, you can use Poros Bungku – Kendari Street.

Where to Stay

  • Ala Homestay
  • Keiza Homestay
  • Leni Homestay
  • Grand Asera Hotel

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