Stunning Bela’a Beach in Binongko Island, Wakatobi District

Wakatobi District is part of West Papua Province and it belongs to Indonesia Archipelago. Both local and foreign tourists recognize it as a wonderful tourism destination, as well. One of the reasons in visiting Wakatobi is definitely its beaches. Many references are available, so tourists can choose the one that matches their destination. For those visiting Binongko Island, Bela’a Beach should be their prime choice. Such coastal area is famous for its majestic waves, sand dunes, and beautiful nautical creatures. Many tourists come to the beach for sightseeing and relaxation, actually. They want to feel a refreshing air of the beach, as well.

The Nuance
As mentioned before, the beach features magnificent sand dunes. Near to the shorelines, there is also a formation of rocks and coral reefs. They don’t have a good condition, though. It is because the waves ruin the shape of those stones gradually. Despite the form, the rocks produce beautiful sounds when they get hit by waves. It is likely those sounds would mesmerize all visitors. Next, there are different types of vegetation, growing near to the beach. These include lush mangroves, coconuts, and much more! When it comes to the sand, it is white and soft, so tourists can walk on it comfortably. Some sea turtles are also seen there, as they need to lay eggs on the sand.

Exploring Bela’a Beach
Most of the visitors are the locals. That doesn’t mean outsiders never come to Bela’a Beach. During holidays and weekends, more visitors come to such coastal area. The fact is the beach has become a prime tourist destination in Binongko Island. That means tourists should not miss the chance to drop by. Tons of nature attractions are available for them to enjoy, including thick sand dunes, white sand, big waves, majestic coral reefs, lush vegetation, and gusty wind. They can also enjoy beach walking and photography there.

Beach walking is definitely recommended. Though, many other fun activities are also available. It is as simple as sitting on the sand dunes while enjoying sea scenery. Somehow, the breezy wind and warm air may eradicate tourists’ stresses at once. As an alternative, they can climb and explore the rocks barefoot. The stones are slippery, though. That means they must be careful when exploring it. For those who don’t like tiring activities, they can choose photography. Many types of objects are worth photo shoots, after all. When it comes to resting place, they can simply sit under coconut trees.

Just like other beaches in Wakatobi, Bela’a has an unspoiled beauty. In order to retain its charm, tourists must avoid littering. No trash bins are available there, so visitors must take care of the trash well. That means they need to bring back the trash with them. It is a common rule when visiting nature spot, after all.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
Bela’a Beach belongs to Binongko Island. To be exact, it is located near to Rukuwa Port. The distance is about 10 km from the port, so it takes about an hour by local transportation services. For outsiders, they need to reach Wangi-Wangi Island first by airplane and the destination is Matahora Airport. From there, their next trip is by a speedboat to Binongko (Rukuwa Port).

Where to Stay
Wakatobi Patuno Resort

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