General Knowledge about West Sumba Regency in East Nusa Tenggara Province

Sumba is one of the major islands of East Nusa Tenggara Province. When it comes to tourism, West Sumba Regency should be everyone’s choice! It offers more than just stunning natural attractions, but also interesting local culture for tourists to learn or enjoy during the visit. The next reason why tourists should consider visiting the region is the presence of various options of transportation services including planes and boats. Those who want to get to West Sumba by plane, for example, they can simply head to Tambolaka Airport. For the information, the capital of the region is called Waikabubak City.

The Nuance
The most significant tourism potential of West Sumba Regency is indeed nature. When it comes to topography, the region consists of steep limestone hills and mountains. No wonder, the nuance feels so comfy and soothing! In terms of atmosphere, it is considered tropical and has a high rainfall. Next, most people who live there embrace a traditional region called Marapu! Still, some of them are Moslems, Catholics, or Protestants. These people also live in a traditional way and keep retaining their cultural heritage for generations, which is a good thing for tourists or visitors.

Exploring West Sumba Regency
Here is the question. What makes West Sumba Regency worth a visit? The first one is none other than the presence of interesting local traditions. It is because West Sumba consists of many historical and unique villages including Bulu Peka Mila, Watu Karagata, and Kadung Tana. For tourists, they should not miss the chance to visit those places and witness the richness of local culture there. Among those villages, the most famous one is called Tarung where tourists can find megalithic tombstones featuring numerous animal skulls and other sacred ornaments.

The next allure of West Sumba Regency is a local tradition called Pasola or the cavalry war training. The locals may gather in a field riding their horse and conduct a war training together. This activity usually occurs in March, so tourists should only come at the time if they want to watch it. Aside from Pasola, the region also has a famous tradition called Nyale. In fact, it is done right before such war training, which is also in March. The locals may gather in the coast at dawn during the full moon. They collect worms and cook them together!

Another allure of West Sumba Regency is the presence of delicious local foods for tourists to try. These include Manu Pata’u Ni, Nga'a Watary Patau Kabbe, yam leaves, Rumpu Rampe, Ka'pu Pantunnu, and Manggulu. For further information regarding these foods, tourists can ask their local guide or tour agent actually.

Tourism Potentials

  • Manupeu Tanah Daru National Park
  • Kaori Park
  • Waikelo Sawah Dam
  • Tarung Village
  • Lapopu Waterfall
  • Matayangu Waterfall
  • Wora Djawa Village
  • Kerewei Beach
  • Marosi Beach
  • Pasunga Village

How to Get There
From Kupang City, it takes a flight from El Tari International Airport and head to Tambolaka Airport of West Sumba Regency. This flight takes only about 55 minutes! Once arriving at the airport, tourists can simply head to Waikabubak City and find a good hotel before visiting any available tourist sites nearby.

Where to Stay

  • Praimarada Hotel
  • Rakuta Hotel
  • Aloha Hotel
  • Artha Hotel
  • Karanu Hotel
  • Ronita Inn
  • Monalisa Hotel

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