Kupang - Manikin Beach

Manikin Beach is beautiful beach which is located not far from two other beaches, Lasiana and Nunsui beach. Location Manikin Beach is also very close to the city center. The distance is only about 13 km when it departs from Kupang downtown. Because Manikin Beach location which is very close to the downtown, the beach is one of the attractions that are frequented by local people. Especially those who come from the region around Kupang city. Just like the other attractions are located close to Kupang downtown, Manikin Beach also crowded with visitors on weekends or holidays. They come with their families and also come abuzz with friends.

White sand beach covering the surface Manikin beach resemblance to other beach that were located nearby, such as Lasiana and Nunsui Beach. Where the beaches has a large surface when the sea water was receding. But when it is high tide, the sea will rise up to take on most of the lines Manikin Beach of 3 km long beach.

In recent decades, the increase in sea water at high tide continues to grow. So that the wave was crashing can erode most of the coastal areas. To anticipate this, the local government has made a small embankment. This embankment may temporarily halt the waves crashing on Manikin Beach at high tide.

Embankment built by the local government help to tackle the problem of erosion caused by waves on Manikin Beach. Not all parts of Manikin Beach installed artificial embankment. Because there is a natural embankment of a row of trees in other parts of Manikin Beach. Besides add beauty of the beach, this tree also has the ability to break the waves. So that could prevent a more severe erosion, rather than if there were no trees at all.

The trees that can be found in Manikin Beach is the result of planting 1,000 trees that have been done about 11 years ago. At that time government assisted by the LSM OICA to plant a lot of trees. Types of trees that they are planting such as; palm trees, turi trees, tamarind trees, and ironwood. Now, the trees were planted previously already looks great and become one of the natural defense line along Manikin beach against erosion caused by waves scour.

Sea owned by Manikin Beach is home to a variety of marine species. One of them is the whale. The whale actually not a fish, but it is a mammal living in waters not far from Manikin Beach. Once there was the incident in 2010, where there are whales stranded on Manikin Beach. Most likely this whale separated from his entourage at low tide. So it was stuck in Manikin Beach. This incident attracted the attention of local people who come in droves to see the whales were stranded. Even the local government helped to keep no one is deliberately to injure whales stranded.

Besides the whale, known also saltwater crocodiles that live around Manikin Beach. This crocodile lives by eating a lot of fish that roam the coastal waters. Although there are crocodiles, but in general water conditions in Manikin Beach safe to visit.

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