Oenesu Waterfall

Oenesu Waterfall is located in West Kupang district of Kupang regency which is part of East Nusa Tenggara province has a stunning natural beauty waterfall. These attractions are at a height of approximately 10 meters and consists of 4 levels. You will clearly see Oenesu Waterfall that glides on every levels. On the sidelines of the waterfall there are puddles of water that is naturally shaped pools.

The water that flows in this Oenesu Waterfall has a lot of lime content. When the rainy season arrives, the volume of water in Oenesu Waterfall relatively abundant, although once the water in the area of this waterfall is very clear. Different when summer arrives, the water volume will be slightly receded, although not until dry. At this time the water that flows in the waterfall area becomes visible more clearly than when the rainy season arrives. Visiting Oenesu waterfalls not too difficult, this exotic tourist spot located approximately 17 kilometers west of downtown Kupang.

You can choose to use public transportation or private transportation. If you choose to use public transportation then you can use bus or taxi that passes through the 40 road. The road to the Oenesu Waterfall been made with good asphalt, although there are some parts of the road which began to enter the waterfall area that has damage, but you do not need to worry because this condition can still pass a vehicle smoothly.

When the rainy season arrives too, you can still visit Oenesu Waterfall with easily access. The tourist attractions are also very strategic in where you can directly get down from your vehicle near the waterfall area. You can also choose to rent a car travel that is usually pegged at 500,000 rupiahs for one day. When you have arrived at Oenesu Waterfall, you can choose one route of two routes reserved to the bottom of Oenesu Waterfall.

In the first route on the left at the waterfall, there will be a path down with the steep track to reach the bridge that is located deep in the bottom of the main waterfall. Different from the first route, the second route you will pass wooden bridge with the condition is quite worrying, it is because of the wood that is not set to close the road of bridge. Then you have to row down the stairs with a form that is quite steep up to the base of Oenesu Waterfall.

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