Mount Inerie - Flores Island

Mount Inerie is one of tourist attractions in Flores Island. The mountain is located in Bajawa district, Ngada regency of Flores Island. From Bajawa city we can see the mountain as a pyramid with perfectly straight which is an eye-catching peak in the Florinese ‘mountain skyline’. With an altitude of 2,245 meters above sea level, Mount Inerie is also one of the highest volcanoes in Flores.

If you would like to climb to the top, you can start your trip at night or in the very early morning. You will be rewarded with a magical moment when the sun slowly rises up behind the hills. It is perfect sunrise moment for the visitors and hikers. From the top of Mount Inerie, you have a stunning view that sometimes even goes as far as Sumba Island in the south. Starting from an altitude of about 900 meters, the hike will take you about 2 hours. Be aware that climbing Mount Inerie demands a good physical condition, and the expertise of a local guide who knows about the safe trails and weather conditions.

Besides mountain climbing, the area around Mount Inerie itself has much to offer. Exploring the slope of the mountain in surroundings of lush green trees is refreshing for both body and soul. As in many mountainous areas in Flores that are of high biodiversity, you can also observe the endemic birds and listen to their amusing songs here. If you wish to enrich your Inerie explorations with some cultural experiences, nearby traditional villages such as Gurusina or Bena offer you opportunities to experience the fascinating Ngada culture.

In 2000 years ago, Mount Inerie had a little eruptions, a red-colored lake emerged out of the mountain’s crater named Wawomudha. Thus, the new-born lake was called Wawomudha Crater Lake. This spectacular natural phenomenon is located an hour hike from Ngoranale Village. To get to Mount Inerie there are most popular starting point for climbing Mount Inerie is Watumeze Village, just 15 kilometers from Bajawa (about 20–30 minutes). From Bajawa head to Terminal Watujaji; then take the right side of the road which leads to Langa Village, and then straight up to Bela Village. From here, continue driving in the direction of Watumeze Village. Instead of taking private transport, you can also take a bemo (public transportation) to Bela Village and continue the way to Watumeze by motorcycle. The interesting ones from the mountain peak you can see the entire panoramic view of Bajawa City, on the north-west, which is covered with slight mist above the city. On the south of the mount, the blue sea of Sawu lies in the slope of Mount Inerie.

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