Pantar Island in Alor Regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province

Located in the west of Alor Island, tourists may find a stunning island called Pantar. It is the part of Alor Regency, though. One thing that makes it popular is definitely the presence of a majestic sea park for tourists to explore. The location is in Tube Village and it resides in Central Park Sub-District. As people may expect, they can witness beautiful sea scenery by either snorkeling or diving. In this case, the best spot to visit is the Pantar Alor Strait. In fact, it has become one of the best sea parks in Indonesia!

The Nuance
Tourists can find many reasons why they should not overlook the beauty of Pantar Sea Park. The main thing is that the sea offers various types of nautical creatures including fishes and corals. The next thing is the clarity of the water. Due to such excellent visibility, snorkelers and divers are able to witness marine creatures clearly down there. What is more? The water feels so warm regardless of the season, so everyone would feel comfortable when enjoying the activity. Not to mention many great spots for diving are available including Peter’s Prize, Shark Close, Half Moon Bay, and Crocodile Rook. Each of them offers a distinct characteristic, for sure.

Exploring Pantar Island
Pantar Island is known for its Sea Park, without a doubt. Tourists can even find more than one great diving spots for them to explore there. In some of these diving locations, people may meet exotic fishes like sharks and dolphins! It is even said these animals are quite rare to be seen in other diving spots. Despite the fact, everyone should consider hiring an instructor while diving. The purpose is to avoid any discomfort and to help them to explore the area in a more efficient way.

Aside from exotic fishes, tourists may see various types and sizes of corals when diving or snorkeling at Pantar Sea Park. Moreover, the clarity of the water is quite nice so it helps everyone to explore underwater easily. Even the water feels warm regardless of the time. Overall, the quality is similar to that of Komodo Sea Park and even Sulawesi’s Bunaken! It would be quite worthy to visit during a long holiday or other occasions.

Before visiting Pantar Island for its sea park, though, tourists should consider several things beforehand. For example, they need to choose the right moment to visit the island. It is recommended to come during a good weather and in summer! The purpose is to avoid rain and any discomfort events. The next consideration is related to the budget. Everyone should carry extra cash as they may use it for paying a good transportation service, accommodation, and foods!

Nearby Attractions

  • Tiga Warna Beach
  • Alor Island

How to Get There
For those coming from Kupang City, they can take an airplane from El Tari International Airport and head to Alor Island Airport right away. This flight may take around 40 minutes, so it is considered fast and comfortable. Once arriving at Alor Regency, tourists should head to Alor Kecil Port and get a boat to get to Pantar Island right away.

Where to Stay

  • Alor Eco Dive Resort

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