Raksasa Tidur Wairinding Hill in East Sumba Regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province

Not all Indonesian travelers have heard the presence of Raksasa Tidur Wairinding Hill located in East Sumba Regency, no? Well, this interesting hill becomes more popular recently due to its unique shape and comfy ambiance. The location is in Temu Village and it belongs to Kanatang Sub-District. In terms of name, “Raksasa” means a giant and “Tidur” means sleeping. As tourists may expect, the hill has the shape which is similar to that of a sleeping giant! Not only it is popular due to such charming appearance, but the hill once became a movie shooting place called “Pendekar Tongkat Emas” directed by Mira Lesmana.

The Nuance
Perhaps only the Indonesian locals and passionate travelers have ever visited Raksasa Tidur Hill. However, as the time goes by, other tourists start coming to the location as they are impressed by pictures or photos posted by the locals on the social media sites. As mentioned earlier, the hill has a shape which is similar to a sleeping giant (covered by green plants and trees). No facilities reside on the hill, though. That means tourists can only find the pristine environment and unspoiled panorama there.

Exploring Raksasa Tidur Wairinding Hill
At a glance, Raksasa Tidur Wairinding Hill looks similar to regular hills. However, the unique shape makes it special and has attracted more visitors over time. It is because tourists want to take pictures of the hill from afar and post the photos on social media sites. Not only people can enjoy photography, but they can also explore the site and get to the top of the hill by trekking. From up there, the panorama looks more amusing! It features peaceful nearby mountains and hills! Not to mention the wind feels so soothing, especially in the morning.

What is next? The hill also becomes a perfect location to witness either sunrise or sunset. It is because the site has no obstacles at all. What tourists need to avoid is rainy days, as it is impossible to watch such beautiful sun views. Also, everyone should ensure to come either at dawn or dusk so that they won’t miss such beautiful natural phenomenon. Another important tip is that tourists should wear comfortable footwear and carry both snacks and bottled water. A trip to the top of the hill is considered tiring, after all.

The next impressive feature of Raksasa Tidur Wairinding Hill is the vast panorama of a savanna. During the wet season, the color is green as it is covered by fertile grass. On the other hand, it may look yellow as the grass and other plants start drying due to the hot season (between July and October).

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
From Kupang City, travelers should take advantage of an airplane at El Tari International Airport and head to Umbu Mehang Kunda Airport right away. The flight takes about 30 minutes, so it won’t be tiring. Once arriving at Waingapu City in Indonesia, tourists can take advantage of any local transportation service and head to the hill through Adi Sucipto Street. The distance is 21.1 km, so the trip may take around 33 minutes to get to the location.

Where to Stay

  • Cendana Hotel
  • Maramba Homestay
  • Amidala Villa

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