Kupang - Nunsui Beach

Nunsui Beach is a beach that is located adjacent to two other beach tourist attractions are Laisana Beach and Manikin Beach in Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara. Nunsui Beach located in the east coast of Kupang city. This beach stretches in the Oesapa Village, Kelapa Lima District of Kupang Regency. It is not difficult to get Nunsui Beach, because from Kupang city only takes about 20 minute use a motor vehicle.

Nunsui Beach by the local community are also called Batu Nona Beach (Lady Stone Beach). Because at this beach there is a rock shaped like a woman. According to the story, there was a woman who committed suicide to throw himself from a cliff of height approximately 15 meters to the sea. But then his body was turned into the stone then called Batu Nona Beach. Location the rock that resembles a woman's proximity to the beach, so it makes visitors easily and do not need to swim to approach it. And that makes Batu Nona famous is when the visitors climb to the top of Batu Nona, so visitors can see the sights beauty of Kupang bay in the distance can also see a beautiful sunset.

At the time waiting for the sunset, visitors can enjoy the cool air at Nunsui Beach while sitting on a stone embankment which is provided to pamper tourists. While for those who like fishing, this dike are often used as a place for fishing. This stone long as you want to separate between Batu Nona Beach and Lasiana Beach. Along Nunsui Beach, the visitors can also see the activities of Kupang residents are enjoying this beach. Some were playing ball, fishing at low tide or even come to Nunsui Beach just to play. On the afternoon is the best time to visit this Nunsui Beach. Because at that time the sea was receding, so that we could explore the beach freely. Nunsui Beach this though does not has white sand, but the structure of its beach is unique because it has an irregular stone expanse. If you are tired of playing, swimming and enjoying the beauty of Nunsui Beach or Batu Nona Beach, besides you can sunbathe while enjoying snacks offered by traders who are around the beach such as corn, bananas Epe or enjoy fresh coconut ice.

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