Alor Tribe in Alor Regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province

Tourists have a different reason if they want to come to Alor Regency of East Nusa Tenggara Province. Some of them are into the natural attractions, while others are likely to learn a little bit about local traditions or culture. For those who choose the second reason, they must not forget to meet Alor Tribe when visiting the region later. What makes the tribe interesting, though? Well, each tribe indeed has distinct characteristics when compared to others. These include their appearance, traditions, behavior, foods, belief, etc. Let’s talk more about Alor Tribe!

The Appearance
In terms of appearance, Alor Tribe has dark skin and curly hair. Even though their eyelids are big, they look friendly. What about their figure? Well, it is considered moderate for both men and women. The most interesting fact is that these people wear traditional clothes, featuring a local woven fabric and some natural ornaments (including chicken and birds’ feather). Also, these people are not quite into modernization. That means they keep their traditions and heritage intact, which is good news for tourists. Thus, visitors can learn many things about these people.

More about Alor Tribe
The first thing to know regarding Alor Tribe is none other than the history itself. It is said there was a kingdom called Munaseli, which is considered the oldest. The kingdom was located in the inland Alor Mountain of Pantar Island actually. However, tourists may also hear other kingdoms including Baranua, Pandai, Kui, and many others! In order to get further information regarding these kingdoms, tourists should hire a professional tour guide or a reliable villager. Have no worries. The guide is able to help foreigners as well.

The next thing to know about Alor Tribe is related to their belief. The majority of them are Christians and Catholics. Still, some of these people are into animism. They even pray to numerous natural objects like the sun, moon, and several gods. What is more? The tribe also has interesting arts and traditional performances for tourists to enjoy. For instance, there is Lego-Lego Dance. For those who want to watch the performance, they can simply head to Takpala Village! The dance is performed by lots of people and it even involves a nice formation.

What is next? Tourists can see and learn how to play traditional music ornaments called Moko. It is a kind of a drum actually. In the past, Moko was used by the locals as one of the dowries. Well, the last thing to do is to try some local foods including Bose Corn and Rambut Cake. Make sure to talk to villagers to get these freely, though. As an alternative, buying them is also possible.

Nearby Attractions

  • Mataru Waterfall
  • Kalabahi Museum
  • Deere Beach
  • Bidadari Lake
  • “1000” Moko Museum
  • Balemana Village

How to Get There
From Kupang City, it takes a flight from El Tari International Airport to Alor Airport. Once arriving at Kalabahi City, the next recommended destination is Takpala Village where many people of Alor resides.

Where to Stay

  • Pelangi Indah Hotel
  • Nusa Kenari Indah Hotel
  • Cantik Homestay
  • Marlina Hotel
  • Adi Dharma Hotel
  • Mawar Hotel
  • Melati Hotel

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