About Alor Island in Alor Regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province

More people are interested in visiting Alor Island of Indonesia. Even though they have heard about its beauty, most of them lack information regarding the site itself. In terms of region, the island is part of Alor Regency. So, what makes it famous? In a nutshell, it holds various types of nautical attractions and beaches for everyone to explore. Aside from the natural attractions, Alor is also known for its unique culture due to the presence of Alor Tribe and several traditional villages located in a highland. Overall, tourists would get an amazing experience while exploring the region regardless of the time of visit.

The Nuance
Alor Island is located in the eastern part of East Nusa Tenggara Province. With the size of about 2119 km per square, it offers various types of landscapes! The highest point is 1839 meters, actually. As for the regional borders, the island is located in the south of Banda and Flores Sea. It also has an amazing neighbor island called Pantar Island. Here is the fact. Other small islands reside near to it including Kura, Buaya, Kepa, Kangge, Pura, Pantar, etc. All of them are worth to visit, in fact.

Exploring Alor Island
Even though Alor Island is not as popular as Komodo or Raja Ampat Island, it has a similar beauty to those places. The best thing is that tourists may find at least 50 diving spots scattered from Alor to Pantar Island. In fact, tens of them are considered the best and have fulfilled the international requirement. No wonder, Alor has become an Indonesia’s recommended destination for those who are looking for the best experience in snorkeling, diving, swimming, and other types of water sports.

The next impressive fact is that Alor Island has an interesting culture, especially belongs to the locals who live in the highland. There is even a signature ancient musical instrument called Moko for tourists to find! Even the oldest Holy Koran in Southeast Asia resides in this region. What about the popularity? Well, it has gained attention from both local and foreign tourists over time. In fact, some people say Alor has a more beautiful nautical environment as compared to that of Caribia!

As mentioned before, Alor Island is also recognized for its cultural tourism. It is because the local tribe lives traditionally and retains their traditions for generations. They have unique attire called Pakaian Ka, actually. As for the best place to meet these people, tourists can visit some traditional villages like Takpala!

Nearby Attractions

  • Mataru Waterfall
  • Kalabahi Museum
  • Deere Beach
  • Bidadari Lake
  • “1000” Moko Museum
  • Balemana Village

How to Get There
In terms of accessibility, it is quite easy to get to Alor Island. For those coming from Kupang Island, they can take an airplane at El Tari International Airport and head to Alor Island Airport. Have no worries. It is a short flight, which only takes about 40 minutes. Once arriving at the destination, tourists can simply head to Kalabahi City and get a nice hotel to rest there before exploring the island.

Where to Stay

  • Pelangi Indah Hotel
  • Nusa Kenari Indah Hotel
  • Cantik Homestay
  • Marlina Hotel
  • Adi Dharma Hotel
  • Mawar Hotel
  • Melati Hotel

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