Nualain Village in Belu Regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province

With many natural attractions, Belu Regency of Indonesia never fails to amuse tourists. However, visitors can have more than those amazing vacation destinations. It is because they can enjoy various types of culture and local traditions as well. For instance, there is a recommended destination called Nualain Village. The location is in South Lamaknen Sub-District. The first thing that makes the village popular is none other than the location. It resides in the boundary of Timor Leste and Belu. Not to mention it is considered one of the oldest villages in the region.

The Nuance
Once arriving at Nualain Village, tourists may witness unspoiled environment right away. In fact, most of the roads are still in the form of dirt. No wonder, it is going to be difficult for any types of vehicles to pass through it during rain. Not only the road becomes muddy, but it also it turns shallow and slippery. The next impressive fact is that the village is located between hills and big rocks. This explains why the landscape looks beautiful and amusing. What is more? Tourists can witness many traditional houses there!

Exploring Nualain Village
What might tourists do in Nualain Village? The first allure of Nualain Village is definitely the presence of Indonesia’s traditional houses. Not only the architecture of the house is unique, but it also comes with traditional materials. No wonder, tourists often take pictures of these houses during the visit. They can even enter these houses as long as they get permission from the owner first. Also, they must not spoil or cause havoc during the visit later.

The next allure of Nualain Village is the presence of a giant old banyan tree located in the highest land of the village. The locals call it “Pur”, actually. This tree can be either an object of photography or a site where tourists sit and relax! The thing is that visitors should not litter or spoil the environment when they are around that tree. The locals consider it a sacred object, after all. Aside from the tree, tourists may also find old stones where villagers place offerings during a ritual. If tourists are lucky, they are able to witness or join the ritual!

Another allure of Nualain Village is none other than the people who live in it. Tourists are free to talk to these people and learn some of their cultures! Not to mention they have the chance to taste delicious local foods during the visit later!

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How to Get There
In order to get to Nualain Village, tourists must head to South Lamaknen Sub-District first. If they come from Kupang City, the trip may take around 318 km as the distance is 7 hours and 47 minutes. It can be done faster if they take Nasional Trans Timor Street, though.

Where to Stay

  • Risky Hotel
  • Jineja Hotel
  • LS Hotel
  • Eastern Dragon Hotel

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