Sikka – Koka Beach

Koka beach is one of beaches in Sikka Regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province. Precisely in Wolowiro Village, Paga District, this beach is located on the south coast of Flores Island. From Maumere City, it takes around 48 km. If you start your journey from Jakarta, Surabaya, Makassar, and Denpasar, you take a flight to Maumere City.

Koka beach is a beach which is very attractive with clean sea views, as well as the water is very clear, soft white sand stretches forming segment, left and right there are cliffs like a natural painting looks very artistic. Like the other southern coast, Koka beach has big waves but quite safe if we want to swim on the beach. Koka beach is a beach that is rarely touched tourists. Not many people know more less visit the beach. This beauty beach hidden from the crowd as the world. White and fine sand stretch along the coastline and that assure us that Koka beach become a hidden paradise. Strolling on soft sand becomes one of favorite activity at evening. Breezing wind from the beach gives you atmosphere and sensation. That is why most of visitor love to wait the sunset with their friends.

Apart from strolling along the coastline, you also will enjoy two big rocks. These rocks become a separator of two beaches. The clean and blue water in Koka beach make visitor wants to jump as soon as they arrive. If you decide to snorkel, coral reefs and variety of fishes will accompany you. They look so beautiful with many colors. The natural potential of the beach make anyone who comes to Koka will admire the beauty of beach. The authenticity of the beach is so prominent. This condition make local resident decide to spend their holiday here because Koka beach is one of favorite destination in Maumere City.

If you want to visit Koka beach, you can take flight from Jakarta to Maumere (Frans Seda Airport). Ticket price ranging from USD 200 - 250. But, the first, you can go to Denpasar, Bali. Ticket price from Jakarta to Bali it's about USD 100 - 130. After enjoy your trip in Bali, you can take flight from Denpasar, Bali to Maumere using aircraft. Ticket price about USD 70. Arriving in Maumere, there's many bus travel in Frans Seda airport. You must take destination to Koka beach. But using bus travel will be expensive if you rent. It's about USD 50. You can take a bus to Ende and droop out in Paga. They don't using ticket, but cash money about USD 1.5 or Rp 15.000 in Indonesia money. There is hotel or motel in Koka beach. Or you can stay in Paga hotel, it's very near from Paga beach. Just ask to local people, they can help friendly.

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