Batu Cermin Cave

Get to Komodo National Park, the tourists might have to Labuan Bajo port before finally heading other islands around Komodo National Park. Although a small port, but Labuan Bajo offers a variety of beauty. With a pristine environment, it offers a view of the beauty small islands are facing it. But apparently Labuan Bajo not only offers the natural beauty of the sea, forest, or mountains. There are interesting destination and store history can also be found in this place. The place is Batu Cermin Cave which found after independence Indonesia. The cave is only about 4 kilometers from Labuan Bajo with the long trip of about 30 minutes using a motor vehicle to the forest to be the location of Batu Cermin Cave.

To enjoy sightseeing in Batu Cermin Cave, visitors will be charged entrance fee of 10,000 IDR with an additional guide fee of 20,000 IDR. However, if you are using a package tour all the costs including the package tour, transportation and accommodation. Even including the cost of snorkeling equipment. From the parking area toward the entrance of cave is about 300 meters with approximately 10-15 minutes trip by foot. But with easy access and a cool atmosphere, the trip will not be tasteless. You must be careful in the rainy season because the access road is more slippery. A number of forest dwellers, such as birds typical of eastern Indonesia, long-tailed macaques, or boar can also be found.

Batu Cermin Cave discovered in 1951 by the archaeologists as well as the Dutch pastor, Theodore Verhoven. Cave has an area over 19 hectares and 75 meters high. From research conducted Theodore Verhoven, Batu Cermin Cave is one of the cave under the sea which is then lifted to the surface. This tour is so crowded during the day where the sunshine in the heat. Because the tourist want to know the origin of Batu Cermin. The sunlight that broke on the sidelines of the stone then reflected so give the impression of gloss on the stone (Mirror Cave). The reflection stone that later became the origin name of Batu Cermin Cave.

The stone in Batu Cermin Cave contains salt particles causing the stone sparkled when exposed to light. To watch the gleaming stone tourists need to go to a depth of 20 meters in a narrow area of the cave is 200 meters long. In the rainy season, visitors can also reflect in a puddle of water into the cave. This puddle was also glowing.

Batu Cermin Cave also has stalactites and stalagmites, which even takes the entrance of the cave. Therefore, in a tour is limited only 10 participants with the tour time of 30 minutes. Then alternate with other visitors. At least the incoming sunlight made the air in the cave is quite humid. Besides the sparkling stalactites and stalagmites, Batu Cermin Cave also offers views of fossil corals, turtles, and tortoises that were in the cave wall. The fossil scenery looks very clearly. The fossil also contain salt particles which reinforce the opinion of Theodore Verhoven. Explore the fossil landscape gives visitors to learn the life in ancient times. Beside there are the other sightings of a white rock formations long and close to incoming sunlight. This is similar to the stone of Maria statue so that by Christians called Maria statue. Especially with the garnish sunlight coming around. Batu Cermin Cave is also enlivened by the presence of animals such as bats, spiders, and crickets.

Visit Batu Cermin Cave, the visitors must be consider not to touch the stones in the cave because they are still alive and able to continue to grow. If exposed to human hands, not only the growth stops, but also lose salt particles so it does not appear to sparkle again. Furthermore, do not forget to bring some meals to explore the cave because it takes strong stamina. With all the charm of the cave makes Batu Cermin Cave is worth visiting.

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