Kupang – Tablolong Beach

The natural landscape as a tourism spot in East Nusa Tenggara generally is still virgin, untouched, exotic and natural. One of them is Tablolong Beach. It is one of the beaches located in East Nusa Tenggara. Named Tablolong because takes its name from the small fishing village on the eastern tip. On this white sandy beach you can swim, play or just relax to enjoy the beauty of Tablolong Beach.

Tablolong Beach has white sand beach, panoramic rock also so beautiful. Corals at the site has been covered with cement to provide comfort for the visitors who will sit on it. After enjoying the panoramic view of the beach. Now is the time along the coastal section by section to see the coral reefs. That said, the reef Tablolong Beach still intact, untouched fish bombs. Not surprisingly, these beach had been hold event of international fishing competition.

Indeed Tablolong Beach location is better known as an area for fishing. Actually, Tablolong Beach lies at the end of Timor Island. Position Tablolong Beach directly opposite the Semau Island so that it becomes more profitable for fish in deep waters to shelter in Semau if it rains. This is what makes Tablolong Beach is rich in fish that make it as a place to perform fishing competition.

Besides the scenery and fishing are also many foreigners who love diving come to Tablolong Beach just want to enjoy the colorful coral reefs and a variety of fish species in a group that looks like being in a giant aquarium. About five miles from the beach, there are three targeted fishing reef that is Beatrix, Dalam, and Tabui.

Location and Transportation

Tablolong Beach is located only about 25 km from the center of Kupang city. Not far away, a trip taken approximately one hour. Tablolong Beach tourism locations in Tablolong Village, Kupang Barat District, Kupang Regency of East Nusa Tenggara.

Panoramic sea and fishing boat seen from the ranks of white sandy beaches really spoil the eye. This is one of a number of marine tourist destination began to demand in that area. Cool beach atmosphere, and the friendly people around match for those of you who want tranquility traveled.

There is no public transport serving of route Kupang-Tablolong. This area can only reach by private vehicle or rental for one hour. Along the sides of the road were treated to a view of shade trees whose leaves begin to wither due to drought malignancy. The streets were deserted because it is many vehicles were passing.


On Tablolong Beach there are lopo-lopo or a place to rest for a moment to just relax. Tablolong Beach also provide stalls located around this tourist area. In the west of the attractions there are villas for those who want to enjoy Tablolong Beach longer. Rate of villas is quite expensive, it is no wonder only foreign tourists are mostly staying in the villa. In coastal areas there are also swamp the place for breeding fish.

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