Enjoying the Enchantment of Marosi Beach in West Sumba

West Sumba has a number of beaches that are destinations and attractions for its tourism sector. One of them is Marosi Beach. This beach is located in Lamboya District. You don’t need long from Waikabubak to the location. Enough to travel overland for approximately one hour. In fact, you are also not charged a levy when entering this beach area.

Marosi Beach is a beach that is completely empty of visitors. This is a recommended place for those of you who want to get rid of boredom from tired activities. The beauty that has not been touched by too many people, of course, becomes an added value for Marosi. Even in the busiest conditions this beach can still be enjoyed calmly and comfortably. For panoramas, of course there is no doubt.

Like on other beaches in West Sumba, the waves in Marosi are quite big. From May to September, many surfers visit. Not only those who come from within, tourists from abroad have started to glance at this place. Interestingly at low tide, you can see unique rock formations that are usually covered below sea level.

The clean white sand and blue sea water are also the main attraction. When exposed to sunlight, the sand will briefly turn pink. The grains are also larger, like peppercorns along the shoreline. Another uniqueness is the presence of several spots that have sand that is not dense. Visitors can feel the sensation of being sucked in.

This beach also has a small hill in the middle of the sea. The waves circled from the right and left of the hill. From a distance it will look foggy because of the splash of sea water. Mangroves also add to its beauty. Moreover, add with several species of birds habitat there. When the tide is low, many people from the surrounding villages descend to the sea to catch crabs and squid. Interested to try there? This is a must-visit area when in West Sumba.

Photo credits: https://tripsumba.com/

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