Choice of Nature Tourism in Banyuwangi, Suitable for Family Travelers

Banyuwangi has variety of tourist options. One of them is nature tourism. This is the attraction of Banyuwangi that must be visited. Banyuwangi is rich in natural destinations, including beaches and forests. The natural destinations include Baluran National Park, Meru Betiri National Park, Alas Purwo National Park, Ijen Crater, and Marina Boom Beach. Although Baluran National Park is in Situbondo, most tourists think it is in Banyuwangi.

Family tourists usually visit the beaches in Banyuwangi. One of the most visited beaches is Boom Beach, also known as Marina Boom. Marina Boom is not far from the city center. It used to be a port, so there you can see former storage warehouses. Then there is the former fish auction place. There is also Bama Beach which is located in the Baluran Park area. However, you have to cover a distance of about 8 km from the entrance.

Because it is a national park area, visitors can see the habitat of wild animals. For example, buffalo, monkey, deer, and bull. Also in the vicinity there are mangroves that can be explored. Visitors really enjoy nature, not artificial nature. The forests in national parks are not wilderness. Access to get there is fairly easy.


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