7 Must Visit Destinations in Lampung

Lampung, located on the southern tip of Sumatra, only a 45-minute flight from Jakarta, offers a wide array of tourist attractions.

Here is a list of 7 destinations to look out for when visiting Lampung:


Located in Teluk Betung, Bandar Lampung, Mutun Beach is a family destination with various activities on offer. Visitors can enjoy relaxing on the beach or hire a banana boat for some more fun. As it is located near the city center, the beach is also a popular destination for local residents. Although it can get crowded, Mutun Beach has adequate facilities to make for a good vacation with family.


In 1883, Mount Krakatau erupted, leaving behind Mouth Anak Krakatau and several small islands around it. Mount Anak Krakatau is popular for hiking, giving visitors beautiful views from the top of the mountain. Below, there are also fun activities to try, including snorkeling at Cabe Lagoon.


The Way Kambas National Park is a great place to see elephants. Here, visitors can also enjoy a variety of activities, such as feeding elephants and playing with them. Not only that, visitors can also ride the elephants on a tour around Way Kambas, passing through uneven and sometimes rocky tracks and occasionally crossing a river.


Lampung also has an archeological site, called Pugung Raharjo Archeological Park. Since it was discovered in 1957, the site has been popular among visitors. In total there are seven punden berundak (shrine) that were once used to worship ancestors. Visitors are only allowed to see the punden berundak from the outside, without climbing to the top, because it is feared it could damage the buildings’ terraces.


Those who want to see Bandar Lampung from the top of a hill should go to Puncak Mas (Golden Peak). The best time to visit is in the afternoon or evening to enjoy the sunset and the glowing city lights. Visitors can also enjoying taking pictures in a tree house. For a more thrilling experience, there are also hot air balloon rides available.


Pahawang Island is a haven for snorkeling lovers. Known as a clown fish conservation areas, here visitors can see Nemo in its natural habitat. Those who don’t want to snorkel can still see fish from the boat, just bring some breadcrumbs to attract the hungry fish.


You can find the iconic building called Menara Siger (Siger Tower), which is on a hill near Bakauheni Harbor, its location is very strategic as a transit and tourist place. The beautiful yellow building is also the zero point of the Sumatra causeway, where Lampung is the gateway to Sumatra Island from the east. In the form of a yellow traditional Lampung bride’s crown, this place also regularly displays various types of activities and artistic performances. Even on the night of the week show cultural arts from Java, Batak, Lampung, Sunda and Banten.

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