5 Beaches in Lampung with Coral Themed

For the charm of the beach in Lampung, it has not been fully exposed. Even though the charm of natural beauty offered by the beaches in Lampung is also beautiful like other beaches. Moreover, the beaches in Lampung are directly opposite the Indian Ocean and the southern coast of Sumatra. This is a strong reason why beaches in Lampung can also compete, like these five beaches that are still original.

Batu Lapis Beach
This beach is located on Jalan Tanjung Heran Penengahan, Hargo Pancoran Village. This beach can reached from the Sumatra Cross Road between Bandar Lampung and Bakauheni, turn at Kalianda T-junction and continue the journey to Batu Lapis Beach.

Batu Lapis Beach offers the beauty of natural sculptures through neatly arranged rocks like sandwiches. Under the rock carvings, there is bluish sea water that directly faces the majestic Mount Krakatoa. Here you can also swim because there are parts of the beach that still sloping with calm water. If you want to find solitude and tranquility while on the beach, visitors can shift to the raised sand area towards Mengkudu Island, where the air is cool and calming.

Tapak Kera Merak Belantung Beach
It is said that the name Tapak Kera was given because this beach was once the resting center of the monkeys. But unfortunately the monkeys are no longer there. If you visit here, you will meet the clean and beautiful rock pool and surrounded by rock cliffs. This beach directly juts into the land with charming layer of rock surrounding it. This layer of rock protects the beach from the rushing waves so that when the water recedes, the beach turns into a private natural swimming pool. If you want to swim here, please be careful when it’s high tide.

Tembakak Beach
Lampung Beaches are famous for its fairly strong waves. However, if you want to find an area that has fairly calm water discharge, then you can visit Tembakak Beach in Krui Regency.

This beach offers the beauty of rock formations that very suitable to be immortalized. Not only that, the black rocks also enhance the beauty of this beach. If you have time, you can come to Banana Island by renting a boat which is quite cheap. During the trip, you will meet the charm of blue water surrounded by green forests that still beautiful.

White Coral Beach or White Doh Beach
Located in Tanggamus, this beach also called as the sister of Shark beach. The beach that has the charm of towering coral rocks with quiet splashing water and the beauty of its black stones. The coral rocks here are up to 50 meters which located in the middle of the beach. If you plan to come here, come in the morning or afternoon before the high tide. Because at that time, visitors could freely explore the rocks that were there.

Paku Bay Beach
Teluk Paku Beach provides the beauty of the waves crashing and breaking between the rocks and the beautiful scenery of the westernmost part of Sumatra island as the main attraction. But the most special thing about this beach is a rock with holes that can inserted the water so that it will spit out a lot of water. The people there call it Nyerbu rock. The beach that located in Tanggamus also has a pile of rocks that looks like a dragon’s head which is very instagramable. Local people call it the Dragon Stone.


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