Pura Island in Alor Regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province

Here is the fact. Alor is not the only island that resides in Alor Regency. It is because tourists can find other beautiful islands including Pura. The location is the east part of Alor and it is considered the biggest as compared to others (especially those located in Pantar Strait). Due to the size, it consists of various types of landscapes and natural beauties that tourists can explore. Not to mention many fun things can be done there including swimming, snorkeling, trekking, meeting the locals, photography, and many others.

The Nuance
As mentioned before, Pura Island has a big size. Even though tourists are interested in exploring all parts of the island, most of them only focus on the north part of it. It is where the north beaches reside. Not to mention they are able to find majestic hills in that area. In terms of region, the island consists of 6 villages. The good thing is that the locals live in a traditional way and most of them are farmers. This explains why tourists may find lots of farms there, especially paddy farms.

Exploring Pura Island
Even though it takes some time to get to Pura Island (which is about 50 minutes from Alor) tourists won’t regret it at all. It is because the island offers more than beautiful nature! Tourists may find various types of landscapes and attractions once arriving at the island. For instance, they may see the highest point of the island (having the height of 1015 meters) which is none other than the volcano. Thus, tourists should not forget to take pictures of such grandiose mountain while visiting the island later.

The next thing that tourists may see once arriving at Pura Island is none other than the local people. They belong to Alor Tribe, actually. Not to mention they work mainly as fishermen, so tourists may see many fishing boats at the shore. In the afternoon, many local kids are even seen playing at the beaches happily. It becomes an interesting nuance for tourists to enjoy, somehow. Plus, they have the chance to interact with these kids comfortably.

The men of Pura Island are mostly fishermen, as mentioned before. What about the women? Many of them work at home, making traditional Alor fabrics. No wonder, tourists have the chance to witness the procedure and buy some fabrics once these are finished. Even they are allowed to learn how to create one! What they need to do is a good communication skill and a help from a local guide.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
From Kupang City, tourists should take advantage of an airplane from El Tari International Airport to Alor Island Airport. Have no worries. The flight only takes about 40 minutes. Once arriving at the destination, the next destination is a local port located in Alor Kecil Village. Lastly, tourists can get a boat and head to Pura Island right away.

Where to Stay

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