Bina Natu Beach in West Sumba Regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province

Many beaches are available for tourists to visit in West Sumba of Indonesia. Well, each of them offers a distinct character as well. Here is the example. Bina Natu Beach is suitable for those who love a challenging activity like surfing due to its big waves, even bigger than others! So, where is it? It resides in Loko Ri Village and belongs to Tana Righu Sub-District of West Sumba Regency. Not only tourists can enjoy surfing, they can also do other activities including relaxation and photography. Not to mention they may meet local fishermen there!

The Nuance
As mentioned before, the most noticeable feature of Bina Natu Beach is its big waves! Even the wind feels so strong and the atmosphere is quite warm especially at noon. Thus, people who look for a more refreshing nuance, they can come either in the morning or afternoon. What is more? The beach features white sand, so it is suitable for beach walking as well. Plus, the sea scenery looks amazing! There are no other objects on the horizon aside from the vast blue sea itself. Even the local government is planning to build a new port as an alternative method to get to Sumba Island.

Exploring Bina Natu Beach
In a nutshell, Bina Natu Beach consists of big waves and strong wind. Once tourists get to the beach, they may feel such fierce wind right away in fact. Not to mention the splash of the waves makes an amusing loud sound for tourists to enjoy. For those who don’t dare to surf there, they can enjoy alternative activities like sightseeing. What they need to do is only watch sea scenery from afar and witness such amazing waves in a safe manner. Don’t ever think to get in the water, though.

On the other hand, those who are good in surfing should take advantage of the waves to get fun without a doubt. The waves even look the same regardless of the time, either during low or high tide. Even though people are confident with their surfing experience and skills, they should not overlook the risk of surfing in such fierce waves though. At least, they must wear proper equipment and follow any tips given by the locals.

The thing is that tourists won’t find any facilities in Bina Natu Beach. That means they must have prepared everything beforehand, including foods, drinks, and the surfboard itself. It is also recommended to ask the locals regarding the best time and spot to surf before getting in the water. It is better to be safe than sorry, isn’t it?

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
Well, from Kupang City, tourists need to get an airplane service at El Tari International Airport and head to Tambolaka Airport of Sumba Island. For the information, this flight may take around 55 minutes. Once arriving at Tambolaka City, tourists can simply head to Bina Natu Beach which takes about 1 hour. After all, the distance is 31.7 km.

Where to Stay

  • Newa Sumba Resort
  • Sinar Tambolaka Hotel

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