Kajuwulu Beach

Indonesia has many beautiful beaches that proper to visit. On the other hand, Indonesia also has a few spots marine park that is no less interesting to dive or just snorkeling. In Maumere, we can enjoy both at once, beautiful beaches and beautiful Marine Park. This beach named Kajuwulu Beach, located on the north side of Flores Island. Precisely located around 9 km to the west of Maumere, the capital of Sikka regency, East Nusa Tenggara province. Not many tourists know in Maumere there are a lot of potential for marine tourism is no less competitive with other tourist destination that are well known.

Charming panorama at Kajuwulu Beach cannot be described perfectly, how wonderful Kajuwulu Beach. It has the characteristic bluish clear calm water, and suitable for snorkeling there are also coral reefs that thrive in these waters. Beautiful savannah stretches create contrast color on the shoreline. With the charm of white sandy beaches, calm blue sea and the beautiful underwater life.

To reach Kajuwulu Beach, for those who came from Jakarta, it is advisable to buy tickets to Kupang. This is because tickets for Jakarta to Maumere more expensive than tickets for Jakarta to Kupang. Moreover, we can see the green savannah in the hills along the way, when we visited during the rainy season. If the dry season, we see the hills will be decorated with a golden yellow color. Even so, the trip still enjoyable with the cool air and bright blue skies.

Approximately one hour from Maumere, we arrived at Kajuwulu Beach. Coastal beaches has white sand and Natural hills that seemed to stand firmly adds to the beauty of nature paintings. A huge cross towered majestically on a hill right on the beach. To reach it should pursue three hundred steps. To climb it is not too difficult. On a hill top only plants with thick waxy coating. If the sky is clear and natural conditions when it is cool, we can enjoy the view from here is extraordinary beautiful.

While enjoying the panoramic view offered Kajuwulu Beach. Around Maumere, there are three favorite spot for snorkeling and diving besides Kajuwulu Beach: Sea World Club Resort, Ankermi Happy Dive Resort, and Sao Tourism Diving Center. Sea World is located in Sao Travel Waiara Beach, 10-14 kilometers from the airport and downtown Frans Seda Maumere. While Ankermi, the most advisable to try, located in Watumita, 29 kilometers from the city center. So, when we are in Maumere, don not miss to visit Kajuwulu Beach with unique and exciting underwater. Suitable for those who like nautical tourism.

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