Tiga Warna Beach in Alor Regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province

Alor Regency offers tons of beautiful natural attractions for everyone to visit including beaches and small islands. Here is the reference. There is Pantar Island located in the west of Alor Island in Indonesia. Not only it is famous for the sea park, Pantar is also known for its coast called Tiga Warna Beach. The location is in Tude Village and it belongs to Central Pantar Sub-District. In terms of name, “Tiga” means three while “Warna” means color. Well, as people may expect, they may witness unique scenery on site which is the three different colors of shoreline! Another name is Puntaru Beach, actually.

The Nuance
As mentioned before, this Indonesia’s beach features three colored shorelines. These are blue, yellow, and red. The yellow represents the sand, which is located the furthest. The red represents the sand, which is located close to the sea. What about the blue? It resembles the seawater itself. Due to such uniqueness, people often take pictures of the landscape during the visit. Some of them also want to enjoy water sports like swimming and snorkeling, though. What is more? Another allure of the beach is the presence of a geyser emerging from the sand! For the information, the locals often use it for bathing.

Exploring Tiga Warna Beach
The most common activity that tourists may do in Tiga Warna Beach is definitely sightseeing. That means they simply witness the beauty of the site, especially due to the presence of three-colored shoreline. Not only tourists can comfortably watch the stunning scenery of the site, they are allowed to explore the shoreline barefoot. The texture of the sand is quite soft, after all. During the exploration, visitors may feel the comfy breeze of the sea as well. Plus, the view of mountains is seen clearly there!

The next common thing to do in Tiga Warna Beach is to visit nearby hot springs or geysers. The location is quite reachable, so do not worry. Once arriving at the site, they may see some locals who enjoy bathing in the ponds. These people come from Tude Village, actually. Here is the good news. Tourists are also allowed to take a bath in the hot spring, as long as they carry extra clothes and take care of the environment during the activity.

What is more? The next interesting feature that tourists may find in Tiga Warna Beach is the presence of an interesting village called Sojang. The location is across the beach, though. That means tourists should ride a boat to get there. Therefore, it is important to carry extra cash when visiting the beach.

Nearby Attractions

  • Pantar Seapark
  • Alor Island

How to Get There
The main destination is definitely Pantar Island. From Kupang City, tourists can take an airplane at El Tari International Airport and head to Alor Island Airport immediately (which takes about 40 minutes). Once arriving at Alor Regency, the next destination is Alor Kecil Port. Lastly, tourists only need get a boat and head to Pantar Island. For information, it takes several minutes from the Pantar Port to the beach later.

Where to Stay

  • Alor Eco Dive Resort

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