Reklamasi Beach in Alor Regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province

Even though not all tourists have heard about Alor Island of East Nusa Tenggara Province, almost all of them won’t refuse an offer to visit this Indonesia’s region sometime. It is because Alor never fails to amuse visitors, especially with its amazing beaches. In fact, there is one located quite near to the capital of Alor Regency (Kalabahi City), which is called Reklamasi Beach. To be exact, the location is in East Kalabahi Village and it belongs to Teluk Mutiara Sub-District. That means tourists can easily get to the site with any type of transportation service. It doesn’t even take much time to get there.

The Nuance
The Indonesian locals gave the name “Reklamasi” to the beach due to the fact that it was formed unnaturally. In a nutshell, it was man-made and the local government promoted it as the new vacation destination for everyone to enjoy including the locals and outsiders. In terms of beauty, it is indeed splendid. The beach features similar characteristics of southern beaches of Alor Island, after all. With the calm wave and breezy warm wind, the site is suitable for water sports and relaxation. Some people also come there for riding a local boat, actually.

Exploring Reklamasi Beach
The most common reason why tourists come to Reklamasi Beach is definitely due to the location, which is near to Kalabahi City (the capital of Alor Regency). The next reason is that the beach offers a neat and clean environment. Plus, the nuance is peaceful enough to enjoy relaxation and sightseeing. This explains why lots of local families visit the beach in afternoon and weekends. They want to spend a family recreation, after all.

The next thing that tourists can do in Reklamasi Beach is to enjoy the beautiful sunrise. This is why lots of people are seen early in the morning at the edge of the shore. It is because they do not want to miss such stunning natural phenomenon. Not only the sun looks majestic, but the atmosphere feels both warm and cold. The air is refreshing since it is in the morning, but the beam of the sun feels so warming! No wonder, tourists would spend much time there until noon.

Another interesting feature of Reklamasi Beach is the presence of a pier where many local boats are parked. Not only the boats become a good object of photography, but tourists can also ride one as long as they have paid the fee. That means they may explore the beach by boat and enjoy the sea scenery better!

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
From Kupang City, it involves an airplane to get to Alor Island. They can get one at El Tari International Airport and their prime destination is Alor Island Airport. This short flight only takes around 40 minutes actually. Once they arrive at the destination, the last thing to do is to get to the beach right away. The best route to take is Sudirman Street and the distance is 16.7 km. That means the trip may take approximately 27 minutes.

Where to Stay

  • Adi Darma Hotel
  • Nusa Kenari Hotel
  • Dinda Homestay
  • Symphony Hotel

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