Dirun Savanna in Belu Regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province

People should consider how Belu Regency has become an Indonesia recommended destination for the next holiday. One of the reasons is definitely its charming nuance. Aside from beaches, visitors can visit other interesting sites including Dirun Savanna! The location is in Manuaman Village and it belongs to South Atambua Sub-District. The good thing is that it resides on a famous hill called Fulan Fehan! That means tourists are able to visit two interesting places one at the time. They do not even need to spend much time and effort to go there.

The Nuance
As people may expect, Dirun Savanna consists of a vast meadow with lots of wild horses there. The best time to visit the location is indeed during a good weather when the horses are grazing. Also, these exotic animals are often seen near to the lake as they drink fresh water from it. Such nuance is, somehow, similar to that of Europe! It soothes everyone who visits the site, without a doubt. Even the presence of lush trees and fresh air makes the site more comfortable and suitable for relaxation. Later, tourists have the chance to visit Fulan Fehan by either trekking or riding a jeep!

Exploring Dirun Savanna
One of the reasons to visit Dirun Savanna is to explore the meadow itself. That means tourists can simply walk on the grass and enjoy the soothing atmosphere of the site. For the best experience, tourists need to come to the savanna only during a good weather. At least, they must avoid rainy season! No one wants to spend exploration during a heavy rain, right? After all, no animals are seen when it rains.

The next reason to come to Dirun Savanna is definitely to watch exotic animals, especially wild horses. They often come to the site for grazing, actually. Aside from horses, tourists may see mountain goats as well. However, these ones are often seen in a forest located near to Dirun village. Not only tourists are able to watch these animals, they are allowed to get near and take pictures of them! Have no worries. These animals are quite approachable.

For a more comfortable trip, it is recommended to take a jeep when heading to Dirun Savanna. With the same vehicle, tourists may continue their adventure to Fulan Fehan Hill as well. During the trip, tourists may see the beautiful landscape and enjoy the soothing breeze as well. Do not forget to rest for a while and eat lunch before continuing the trip, though.

Nearby Attraction

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  • Fulan Fehan Valley
  • Golpara Waterfall
  • Nualain Village

How to Get There
From Kupang City, tourists only need to take Nasional Trans Timor Street and head to South Atambua Sub-District right away. The last thing to do is to get to Manuaman Village where the savanna resides. The whole trip may take about 314 km, so it takes about 7 hours and 23 minutes to get to the location. Make sure to use the best vehicle, though.

Where to Stay

  • Risky Hotel
  • Klaben Hotel
  • Liurai Hotel
  • Intan Hotel
  • Alam Subur Hotel

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