Discover the mysterious, exotic island of Sumba in Indonesia

Indonesia's best-kept secret is now open to the world to marvel at. The mysterious and exotic island of Sumba is a treat for those who crave untamed natural beauty and unspoiled wilderness that beckons you for more. A distinct part of a series of heavenly islands that dot the eastern region of the most stunning Indonesia, Sumba is 11,000km2 of awe-worthy secluded beaches, gorgeous hills, rice terraces, scenic beauty, friendly locals and history that is worth paying attention to! Exotic does not even begin to describe the authentic charm of Sumba. Wilderness, nature, unique culture and luxury, what more does one ask for? Oh and the best part? Sumba is one of the rare islands that is eco-friendly and sustainable with a laudable aim to be powered by 100% renewable energy by 2025. Sounds magical, does it not? We think so too!

Celebration of Wilderness
This eco-region has been recognized by WWF, in fact, Sumba has been widely undiscovered, and that has resulted in the successful preservation of the wilderness that inhabits its land such as countless mammals, wild horses, and even salt-water crocodiles. The semi-evergreen forests are home to seven unique bird species that cannot be found anywhere else on the planet. The biodiversity is also reflected in the distinctive mix of Asian and Australian Flora and Fauna. Sumba celebrates its wilderness, and the tourism industry urges its visitors to preserve what the region holds most dear.

Home to waterfalls and glorious beaches
Nowhere else on the planet are you bound to witness magical waterfalls, bluer lagoons or peaceful beaches? The highest waterfall in East Nusa Tenggara, the province that is home to Sumba, is a sight to behold! Almost 90 meters high and consisting of several levels, this waterfall is glorious beyond description. Fancy a quick dip? Visitors can bathe in it and even get photographed while doing so. So it for the gram, guys! The lush green mountains in the East Sumba Regency host another miraculous waterfall, Tangeddu. But the most delightful surprise is hidden deep within the abyss of a forest, a magical gateway to what looks like a chunk of paradise. The Waimarang waterfall is perfect for cliff-jumping and a relaxing, long swim in the clear water.
The impeccable beaches in Sumba are ideal for a casual stroll because they are untouched by the rapid urbanization that has marred the untamed beauty of such places. From the Bawana Beach to the ultra-luxurious and opulent Nihi resort, there is plenty to enjoy in Sumba!

Friendly locals and awe-worthy cultures and traditions
The locals on this island are friendly, warm and lead a traditional way of life. Their culture and Marapu religious beliefs are reflected in their architecture, traditional houses, the megalithic structures, Ikat textiles and the ever-entertaining Pasola festival with scores of spear-wielding horseback riders charging towards each other for the sustainability of harvest.

Future Eco-island
The Eco-island project will allow Sumba to power itself on 100% renewable energy by 2025, thanks to the initiatives of the Government and foreign investor's dedicated to safeguarding the pure, raw beauty of this stunning island. Sustainable tourism and giving back to the local community that is steeped in poverty is at the heart of all the initiatives being taken to boost the region's economy and development, which has lead to a growing number of interested foreigners in the realisation of eco-conscious hospitality properties on Sumba Island. Hydro energy, solar and wind plants are an excellent alternative to depleting energy resources, and Sumbanese Government is motivated to render this island as a uniquely beautiful and sustainable luxury destination in this post-modern era.

Pack your bags, your sense of adventure and the quest for all that is left to be explored in the mysteriously exotic island of Sumba in Indonesia!

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