Welolo Beach in Alor Regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province

It is hard to describe the beauty of Alor Island. Some people say it is a hidden paradise in Indonesia, which is difficult to reach. Not only the location is a little bit secluded, the island also has an unspoiled nature. No wonder, tourists may find lots of amazing beaches there including the one called Welolo. This one is located in Mausamang Village and belongs to East Alor Sub-District. Some tourists even call it the Virgin Beach due to its pristine beauty. The only thing to consider is that the fee to get to the site is a little bit pricey, so tourists should prepare enough cash before going.

The Nuance
Located in Mausamang Kiralela Village, Welolo Beach is considered secluded. No wonder, it takes some time to get there. Have no worries. All the efforts and expenses are paid off once tourists arrive at the beach. They may see the purity of the shore, featuring beautiful white sand and crystal clear blue water. The wave is considered moderate, so it is good for swimming. As for the landscape of the beach, it is sloping. As for the information, the beach becomes more beautiful during the low tide in the afternoon! At the time, visitors can play water more comfortably as well.

Exploring Welolo Beach
It is safe to say Welolo Beach is a secreted nirvana of Alor Regency. One of the reasons is that the location is quite secluded, which is in the easternmost of Alor Island. Thus, tourists should spend both time and effort to get there. This explains why everyone should consider taking the best transportation service to get to the beach. At least, they are able to avoid tiredness during the trip! Have no worries. Once arriving at the beach, they would get astonished by the beauty of the shore right away. Somehow, such stunning sea panorama eradicates the tiredness in an instant!

As for the tip, tourists should only come to the beach during the low tide (starting from 3 pm in the afternoon). It is because the shore looks more beautiful with its sloping shoreline. That means the exotic white sand can be seen clearly at the time. The next allure of the beach is the presence of mangroves that grow in some parts of it, actually. The Indonesian locals call these “Tongke”. The unique thing is that these mangroves have big roots, looking like stalagmites! Thus, do not forget to take pictures of them during the visit later.

During the low tide, tourists are able to find many sea shells scattered on the shoreline. The local name is “Meting”, actually. The locals often hunt for them, either to be sold or eaten later. In fact, tourists have the chance to taste such unique culinary as well. It has both delicious and savory taste!

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
For those coming from Kupang City, they should take an airplane at El Tari International Airport and head to Alor Island Airport right away, which takes about 40 minutes. Once arriving at Alor Regency, they can directly head to Welolo Beach at Mausamang Kiralela Village. The distance is 120 km, so the trip may take around 3 hours and 12 minutes to get there.

Where to Stay

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