Sano Nggoang Crater Lake

Sano Nggoang Crater Lake is the largest volcanic in East Nusa Tenggara, with an area of about 5,500 hectares, this lake is considered as one of the deepest lake in the world which the depth is about 600 meters. Along the shore of Sano Nggoang Crater Lake there are couple of villages where local people live. These small agricultural villages contain only 250 inhabitants living in traditional woven bamboo houses or more modern wood or brick built houses, each containing its own garden. The village is bordered by the lake, plantations and hills. The remote location and small size of the two villages provides visitors with a tranquil respite from the hustle and bustle of Labuan Bajo.

Sano Nggoang itself derives from word Sano and Nggoang. Sano in Kempo language means a lake while Nggoang means lite. Sano Nggoang means volcanic lakes or lakes that are lit up. Sano Nggoang Lake is approximately 63 kilometers or 3 hour drive from Labuan Bajo-a small port city on the western tip of Flores Island and is the capital of West Manggarai. Labuan Bajo is accessible by plane from Bali. Then from Labuan Bajo through Transflores path, the journey continues to the Nunang village, the entrance to the Sano Nggoang Lake.

Sano Nggoang Lake is located at an altitude of 750 meters above the sea level. The lake is the main attraction because it has a relatively high sulfur content. A pungent sulfur smell will smell around the lake area. Therefore, bathing for skin health is one of the main objectives to travel to this lake. For bathing, there are hot springs at the end of this lake. In addition to the bath, there are many activities you can do here, among other things recreation with horses back riding around the lake, bird watching, trekking, and photography. From various activities we can do, enjoying the scenery is an interesting thing to do especially the nature and forests around the lake are still fairly natural and beautiful. For around the lake, you can ride a horse or trekking to enjoy the view of the lake from a higher place.

Lake Sano Nggoang has a beautiful landscape includes forests, hills, lakes, and the flora and fauna around the lake. All this becomes an interesting object of photography to preserve. Sunset also look beautiful in this region, so it is interesting to be taken with your camera. Besides beautiful and quiet, Lake Sano Nggoang is also a habitat for several species of birds.

To visit this tourist area, there are several things you should have considered. Due to the high concentration of sulfur, it is strictly prohibited visiting the lake during the rainy season. Bring a mask to cover your nose, just in case you cannot stand the pungent smell of sulfur. If you want to stay near the lake, there are some home stay of a resident which can be hired. All home stay provide mattresses, clean linens, mosquito nets, clean drinking water and other amenities depending on the home stay.

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