Laputi Lake in East Sumba Regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province

Even though tourists have recognized the beauty of beaches and waterfalls of East Nusa Tenggara Province, they may miss the presence of a stunning lake called Laputi. For the information, the location is in East Sumba Regency. To be exact, it resides in Praing Kareha Village and belongs to Tabundung Sub-District. Not only it is famous for its beautiful and clear appearance, but the lake also holds an interesting urban legend for tourists to learn during the visit. Also, it is the part of Laiwangi Wanggameti National Park so it offers various other natural attractions to visit later.

The Nuance
Located in the midst of a forest, Laputi Lake offers both soothing and peaceful nuance to all visitors. The color of the water is milky blue and it looks quite clear as well. Plus, the lake is surrounded by big trees and shady bushes. The only disappointment is that tourists should do more efforts in order to get near to the lake, as they must pass through shrubs and other plants. Even though swimming is allowed, the locals choose not to do so. It is because they consider it sacred or holy due to the presence of a mystical creature called Apu.

Exploring Laputi Lake
The first reason why many people visit Laputi Lake is to enjoy the trip. After all, it takes some time in order to get to the site. The good thing is that tourists may see various beautiful landscapes including unique plants called Gamal or Gliricidia sepium. At a glance, these plants look like cherry blossoms. Another interesting fact is that the lake resides near to a beautiful waterfall! To be exact, the lake is located on the top of it.

Well, the next allure of Laputi Lake is definitely its nuance. The color of the water is milky blue and it looks quite clear. No wonder, people are likely to get in the water and swim in it. According to the locals, though, it is not recommended to do it as they consider the lake as a sacred site. Have no worries. Other types of activities can be done there including photography and relaxation. Thanks to the presence of shady trees that surround the site. Visitors would feel comfortable when exploring the site.

Another interesting allure of the lake is the urban legend related to the presence of a giant mystical eel called “Apu”. The name has the meaning of granny, actually. In fact, there are many of them! Even though it is only a rumor, some locals claimed that they have seen such creature while wandering in the lake alone. Due to the sacredness, villagers even perform some rituals at the lake sometimes! The purpose is none other than to summon such sacred creature.

Nearby Attractions

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  • Pindu Hurani Beach
  • Laiwangi Wanggameti National Park

How to Get There
From Kupang City, travelers can take advantage of an airplane service at El Tari International Airport and head to Umbu Mehang Kunda Airport right away. This flight takes only 30 minutes, so tourists won’t get tired at all. Once arriving at Waingapu City (where Umbu Mehang Airport resides), their next destination is none other than the lake located in Praing Kareha Village. The distance is 118 km, so the trip may take about 2 hours and 54 minutes through Adi Sucipto Street.

Where to Stay

  • Jimmi Hotel
  • Elvin Hotel
  • Elim Hotel

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