Adonara Island

Adonara Island is a small island located in the eastern tip of Indonesia, precisely in NTT province (East Nusa Tenggara). Adonara Island area is 509 km², and its highest point 1,676 m. The island is bordered by Flores Sea in the north, Solor Strait in the south (separating Solor Island), and Lowotobi Strait in the west (separating Flores Island). To get Adonara Island can reach by boat from Larantuka city approximately 45 minutes to Waiwerang port on the island Adonara.

Adonara Island is also one of the island that has the most beautiful natural attractions in Indonesia, but so far not many people know how beautiful on Adonara Isalnd that no less beautiful with views on other islands in Indonesia. Adonara first is an empire that was founded in 1650.

Administratively, Adonara Island including of East Flores regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia. Adonara is one of the two main islands in the archipelago in the East Flores regency. Generally, people in Adonara Island is farming. Because the geographic conditions here are dry land agriculture. Browse Big W Catalogue on Catalogue AU. The main product of this agricultural are corn, tuber or cassava and plantation crops like coconut, tobacco, vanilla, chocolate and clove.

Adonara Island is part of East Flores regency by the capital is Larantuka. East Flores regency itself consists of three parts region, namely Flores Daratan (the eastern tip of Flores island), Adonara and Solor Island. Adonara consists of 8 districts region, namely:

  • Adonara district
  • West Adonara district
  • Central Adonara district
  • East Adonara district
  • Ile Boleng district
  • Kelubagolit / Klubagolit district
  • Witihama / Watihama district
  • Wotan Ulumado district

Besides the system of government, in Adonara also there is a system of government based on ethnicity. In a tribe there is a chieftain. In addition to a chief, there is also a group of people who played a role in the system of customs administration, namely the nobility or in Lamaholot language called Ata Kebelen.

Chieftain role in traditional ceremonies, traditional sanctions, and other things that are more spiritual. While Ata Kebelen usually hold the power of government (such as hamlet heads, village heads, village or district head). In between the two established a good relationship with each other and do not overstep their authority.

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