Batu Putih Beach in Alor Regeny, East Nusa Tenggara Province

Being the part of East Nusa Tenggara Province, Alor Island has a unique charm as compared to other regions in Indonesia. Still, it also shares similarities to them due to the presence of beautiful beaches like Batu Putih. So, where is it? Tourists can find this stunning beach at East Alila Village, Kabola Sub-District. Like other beaches of NTT Province, this one offers a great panorama and a perfect nuance to enjoy relaxation and photography. Still, it owns a unique feature that tourists can’t find at other beaches. What is it?

The Nuance
In order to recognize the charm of Batu Putih Beach, tourists should explore the site thoroughly. So, what makes it special? “Batu” means stone or cliff while “Putih” means white. As people may expect, they may find a big white cliff located near to the shore. Aside from being an object of photography, the cliff covers tourists from the heat of the sun at noon actually. Not to mention the beach also features soft-textured sand, which is quite perfect for sitting and beach walking. Plus, the sea scenery looks amazing with its moderate wave.

Exploring Batu Putih Beach
The most interesting allure of Batu Putih Beach is definitely the big white cliff. Visitors usually sit in front of it in order to avoid the heat of the sun. It is because the cliff covers them and provides a nice spot for relaxation. Not to mention it becomes a nice object of photography. Visitors can either take pictures of it thoroughly or stand in front of the cliff and take selfies there. One thing, they must come at a good weather in order to get the best pictures and light.

Aside from photography and relaxation, Batu Putih Beach is suitable for water sports like swimming and snorkeling. Thanks to beautiful blue crystal sea water belongs to Indonesia. Even the visibility is excellent, so tourists can witness the underwater scenery in a more comfortable manner. Some stunning tropical fishes and corals are seen clearly, so everyone would spend hours down there. As if, they are exploring a giant aquarium with various types of fishes and nautical creatures. The only thing to consider is related to the snorkeling equipment. Visitors should have prepared it beforehand, as they won’t find any facilities to rent one.

Another thing that visitors can do in Batu Putih Beach is none other than boat riding. In this case, they need some cash and a good boat service from the locals. This activity is fun, as tourists may see sea scenery in a better point of view accompanied by the warm breezy wind of the sea.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
From Kupang City, tourists can take an airplane at El Tari International Airport and head to Alor Island Airport right away. This flight may take around 40 minutes, so it would be both comfortable and fast. Once arriving at Alor Island, the last thing to do is to get to Batu Putih Beach right away. The distance is 13.4 km, so the trip may take around 26 minutes to get to the site.

Where to Stay

  • Moimol Resort

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