Weekuri Lake in Southwest Sumba Regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province

For those who live or have ever visited Southwest Sumba Regency in Indonesia should be aware of the beauty of Weekuri Lake, without a doubt. In fact, the lake has been chosen as one of the best tourist attractions of the region. The location is in Kalena Rongo Village and it belongs to North Kodi Sub-District. Visitors are interested in visiting the lake due to its flawless beauty and salty water, after all. These people also want to conduct numerous fun activities on site including photography, sightseeing, exploration, and relaxation!

The Nuance
Unlike regular lakes with their fresh water, Weekuri Lake features salty water! It is because the lake is actually a lagoon, which is getting the water from the nearby sea. The water enters the lake from rock crevices of coral reefs that surround the lake, actually. The next amazing feature of the lake is definitely its green bluish Tosca color! It looks unspoiled and crystal clear as well, in fact. What is more? The nuance feels comfy due to the presence of green plants and shady trees that surround the lake. Plus, the water features both warm and cold sensation, depending on the location where tourists may get in.

Exploring Weekuri Lake
The first reason why tourists keep coming to Weekuri Lake is that it features crystal clear water. Even though it is considered deep, the lake is suitable for swimming and playing water. Parents should supervise and watch the children during the activity, though. As mentioned before, the depth of the water is considered not safe for kids or those who cannot swim. As an alternative, tourists can take advantage of the unspoiled environment in order to enjoy relaxation. Surrounded by lush trees and plants, spending some time at the lake is quite relaxing for sure.

Aside from swimming and playing water, tourists can do other interesting activities in Weekuri Lake. For example, it is quite recommended for sightseeing or enjoying surrounding panorama. In this case, the best spot to witness the scenery is from the nearby hill so tourists should spend some efforts to reach it. Have no worries. It is worth the tiredness as the view of the nature is quite amazing. As for the consideration, everyone should carefully walk on the rocky landscape as it can be so slippery sometimes.

The next important consideration is related to the best time to visit Weekuri Lake. According to the locals, the most recommended time is in the afternoon at 4 pm. Why is that? The only reason is the presence of orange sky due to the reflection of the sunset! This phenomenon is worth both photography and sightseeing, without a doubt.

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How to Get There
From Kupang City, tourists may need to ride an airplane from El Tari International Airport to Tambolaka Airport of Sumba Island. This takes approximately 55 minutes. Once arriving at Sumba, their next destination would be North Kodi Sub-District. From there, they can simply reach Kalena Rongo Village where the lake resides. The distance between the airport and the lake is 43.8 km, so the trip may take around 1 hour and 11 minutes.

Where to Stay

  • Kyriad Hotel
  • Anggrek Inn
  • Sumba Sejahtera Hotel
  • Sinar Hotel

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