Bakel Beach in Alor Regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province

It has become common knowledge that Alor Regency is known for its stunning beaches. One of them is called Bakel Beach, which is located in Halerman Village. The first good thing is related to the accessibility, which is considered easy especially from Kalabahi City (the capital). As an alternative, tourists can take a boat from Alor Kecil Village (which is considered faster). Is it all about an easy accessibility? Well, other fun things are available to enjoy while visiting the site. For example, it is related to the uncommon scenery which is the vast green hill (which is similar to that of Teletubbies).

The Nuance
It is the time to talk about the nuance. As mentioned before, tourists may see a stunning green hill located by the beach. In fact, it becomes the best feature of the site! What about the shore itself? Well, the water is calm and suitable for swimming. The color of the water is dark blue, which looks so majestic especially at noon. As for the shoreline, the sand is not quite soft due to the presence of gravel and small stones. Despite the fact, beach walking is quite recommended there.

Exploring Bakel Beach
Some people may wonder about things that they can do there. As for the reference, they can simply sit and relax by the shore while witnessing the beautiful sea scenery. The good news is that the beach offers a peaceful atmosphere, which is suitable for relaxation or finding peace. It is because the site hasn’t gained as much popularity as others, so the number of visitors is considered low. Thus, for those who want to rest for a while before continuing the adventure, Bakel becomes a nice destination. They only need to sit under a tree and enjoy the atmosphere to their heart’s content.

It is true the sea is calm and features weak waves. That means swimming becomes a recommended activity, especially for experienced people. Swimming in the sea is different to swimming in a pool, after all. For those who can’t swim, they can enjoy photography instead. What they need is a good camera and some nice spots to take pictures. As for the tip, it is important to come during a good weather. Otherwise, the results won’t come nicely even though tourists find a good spot to conduct photography.

Another recommended thing to do in Bakel Beach is definitely trekking. It is because the beach resides next to a beautiful green hill with its sloping surface. Even though the hill is not quite tall, it indeed takes some stamina to get to the top of it. Thus, everyone should come with a good stamina.

Nearby Attractions

  • Halmin Beach
  • Dadibira Village
  • Halerman Village
  • Ling’al Beach

How to Get There
It takes about 2 hours to get to Bakel Beach from Kalabahi City. For those coming from Kupang City, though, they must take a flight from El Tari International Airport to Alor Island Airport first. Once arriving at Alor, they can simply head to Halerman Village where the beach resides.

Where to Stay

  • Hirang Beach Bungalows

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