Wemasa Beach in Belu Regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province

For those looking for a new vacation destination in Indonesia, they have Belu Regency of East Nusa Tenggara Province. Like its sibling, Alor Regency, Belu offers various types of natural attractions, especially exotic beaches. For instance, there is Wemasa Beach in Kobalima Sub-District. In fact, the location is near to the neighboring country – Timor Leste. Having a distinct beauty, the beach has attracted more visitors recently including the locals and outsiders. Another name of the beach is Lo’odik, actually. Also, it resides in Litamali Village. Usually, visitors come to the beach to enjoy family recreation and relaxation. Some of them want to play water, as well.

The Nuance
Here is the fact. The beach is bordering with the sea boundary of Australia. What about the nuance? Once arriving at the beach, tourists may see the exotic white sand right away. The size of the shoreline is considered long. Thus, visitors are able to enjoy beach walking to their heart’s content. Not to mention the waves are strong and tall! The locals call such phenomenon as Tetun Tasi Mane, actually. That means swimming is not recommended there, especially for those who do not have any experience. The next interesting feature is the presence of two old Japanese Forts for tourists to explore later.

Exploring Wemasa Beach
So, what kind of activities can be done in Wemasa Beach? Well, it is as simple as beach walking. Thanks to the long shoreline. Even the sand texture is quite soft, which is comfortable to walk on. While beach walking, tourists can also enjoy sea scenery and feel the breezy wind. In terms of landscape, the shoreline is considered sloping. Thus, it looks unique especially during the low tide.

During a visit to Wemasa Beach, it is recommended to visit the old forts built by the Japanese. The location is quite near, after all. Tourists can either explore the forts or enjoy photography there. Not only those structures have a historical value, but they also become a nice object for photography. This explains why most visitors may take selfies in front of those forts. The only disappointment is that the government hasn’t given much attention to it. No wonder, tourists won’t find any facilities or accommodations there.

Another recommended thing to do in Wemasa Beach is definitely relaxation. Tourists can simply sit under nearby pine trees and watch sea scenery comfortably. The nuance of the beach, somehow, helps them to eradicate stresses and get rid of boredom in an instant. As for the tip, tourists should consider carrying a mat to the beach. Bringing foods and drinks is quite recommended as well.

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How to Get There
For those coming from Kupang City, they need to spend about 6 hours and 7 minutes to get to Wemasa Beach. It is because the distance is 239 km. Their first destination is Kobalima Sub-District. Next, they can simply head to Litamali Village where the beach resides. It can be done faster by taking Ahmad Yani Street.

Where to Stay

  • Amaris Hotel
  • Sesawi Hotel
  • Cinta Damai Hotel
  • Ramayana Hotel

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