Penggajawa Beach

Flores is an island that has a lot of amazing tourist attraction. Starting from the wonders of the world like Three Colored Lake (Kelimutu Lake) are constantly changing color and the beautiful beaches with underwater scenery is so exotic. For a beach, you would have heard or even visit the black sandy beach area. Also the white sand beach was already know or have visited. In Flores there is a beach which has a stretch of green stone. People often call it green stone Penggajawa. The beach with the charm there is in the central of Flores. Precisely in Nangapanda District, Ende Regency named Penggajawa Beach.

To access the beauty of Penggajawa Beach, you must first use public transportation to Ndao station. Then, you can use public transportation to Nanga Penda. Arriving there, you will be greeted toska turquoise colored stone that dominate the coast. Explore the uniqueness of the natural color of its coastal boulders. Not only blue or turquoise, the other stones there is even a purple, red, white, yellow, and even multi-layered color. These stones not only has one form. There are various forms of stone that has natural color. There are square, triangle, round to oval with diverse sizes. Ranging from the tiny to the largest size.

Penggajawa Beach has a dazzling scenery with crystal clear sea water, reflecting the beautiful colors of the stones in it. If the weather is sunny, you can see Ende hill, and the island across the sea. Along the coast stretches limestone cliffs greenish also complements the beautiful view of the beach.

Penggajawa Beach tourism potential is not yet developed and promoted by the local government. Do not be surprised if you find this beautiful beach is still very quiet. But there is no typical souvenirs of handicraft of the blue stone Penggajawa Beach. There is no restaurant grilled fish, because along this beautiful coast line there was just a stretch of rocks and hills greenery. The majority of people around Penggajawa Beach was working as a rock miners. They collect stones from the beach or seabed, then sorted by color, shape, and size. Each week there will be collectors from the city, a bag of stones valued 25,000 IDR. The price can be doubled when it was entered in building material stores.

If usually you collect shells when you are on the beach, here you can collect colorful stones that seemed endless waves brought. According to locals, the stones are always 'stranded' in the morning, even though they had taken every day by the population to be traded, this stone is no limited. This stone was as a windfall resident are continuously exist.

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