Reaching Tunda Island in Banten Province

Banten Province is definitely an interesting vacation destination. Tunda Island is one of them. It belongs to Banten, after all. Not to mention it becomes an uncommon tourist spot for everyone. In order to reach the island, you should cross North Java Sea. To be exact, it is part of Serang Regency. In this small isle, you will find some villagers. They belong to Wargasara Village. Due to their friendliness, tourists get comfortable when spending a vacation in Tunda. In fact, you can get along well with them.

The Nuance
Once you reach Tunda Island, a comfortable and peaceful atmosphere will hit you. No wonder, it becomes a good spot to enjoy a family vacation. The island features a beautiful coast. The white sand and coconut trees may soothe you! On top of that, the seawater is quite calm. All visitors can swim in it wholeheartedly. The bright sky is another feature there. It reflects on the water plainly. During summer, the sea is warm. That means you can enjoy swimming in a comfortable manner. Do not forget to bring your kids!

Exploring Tunda Island
The main attraction on the island is the story behind such location. According to the locals, the island has the connection to Ancient Banten. Hasanuddin and his father came to island for resting. They used Tunda Island as a checkpoint prior to visiting Cirebon. However, bad weathered bothered their trip so they needed to postpone the journey. Tunda has the meaning of “to postpone”. Thus, people named it that way. Today, tourists can learn the story from the villagers. For better communication, you should hire a local guide. He becomes your interpreter when communicating with people of Wargasara.

In Tunda Island, there are no local sellers. That means you cannot buy any souvenirs. It is because the island has the function to be a pure tourism destination. It is a place to relax and enjoy holidays. Apart from an interesting story, you can also enjoy great sea scenery. Some attractions are available, especially dolphins. If you love water sports, you can perform numerous activities like fishing, diving, and snorkeling. In the afternoon, the best activity is sunset sightseeing.

Another good thing in visiting Tunda Island is the cost of a vacation. What does it mean? You do not need to spend much money there. One thing, the rent fee of the boat can be quite expensive, especially during holidays. If you want to get a cheaper price, it is better to come with a group of people. A family vacation is a good idea, too. This way, you can share the cost of the boat with the other passengers.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
So, how can you reach Tunda Island? It is actually easy. From Jakarta, you should use Kebon Jeruk – Merak Freeway. The exit is in East Serang Freeway. From there, you need to head to Karang Hantu Port. It is the gate to cross the sea. The sea trip takes roughly 2 hours. Have no worries. Beautiful sea scenery will be your companion. However, you should carry bottled water. The temperature can be quite hot, especially in summer. If necessary, you should prepare sunscreen.

Where to Stay

  • Local Cottages

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