Gathering in Potret Square in Tangerang City, Banten

Each tourist has a different preference when it comes to a vacation destination. For those who look for a simple and peaceful activity, a square or park is a good choice. In Tangerang City, there is a popular site called Potret Square. It is even popular among people in Banten Province. Taman means “garden/square” and Potret means “picture”. It is because most of the visitors would like to take pictures and selfies in this area. The park is crowded mostly in the afternoon. It becomes everyone’s point to relax and hang out with friends.

The Nuance
Potret Square is located in Babakan Village. In terms of size, it is not quite big. There are several trees surrounding the area, so the nuance is quite calming. In the holidays and weekends, many people come to this area for numerous activities such as chatting, photography, sightseeing, and relaxation. The most noticeable landmark is the red statue. It shapes a traditional female dancer. In front of the statue, there are letters “Taman Potret”. It indicates the name of the square and it becomes tourists’ favorite spot for photography.

Exploring Potret Square
It is safe to say that Potret Square is as popular as Bandung’s Photo Square. This site is considered a new tourist attraction in Tangerang. It opened for public since August 2015. The location is strategic, so visitors can notice it easily. It is located near to a heavy road. No wonder, travelers often drop by and relax in this park. The only issue is the parking area. The best choice of transportation is a motorcycle. There is a special space for those who come with a motorcycle. That means you can park your vehicle there. What about cars? It is possible to reach the location by cars, but space isn’t wide enough.

Apart from Potret Square, Tangerang City has introduced several parks. These include the Skate Square and Cikokol Park. However, each of them shares different features and facilities. What makes Potret Square special, actually? As mentioned earlier, it is the statue. Visitors would likely to capture memorable pictures in front of it. Aside from that, there are other statues. These include 3 giant hippos. In fact, you can ride on them. Some ornaments are also seen such as sailing boats. They are definitely stunning and beautiful.

Another interesting feature of Potret Square is the Chinese Port. On the wall, there are three letters TNG. It represents Tangerang City. The rumor has it. Many Chinese People lived in this location back then. That means you have many options of photography backgrounds. All of them are worthy. Next, there is the playground. This one is popular among kids. The best feature is the giant mushroom house.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
Are you ready to visit Potret Square? In this case, your first destination is Banten Province. From Jakarta, take a Pantura Street and head to Tangerang City. The trip is about one hour and the distance is 35 km.

Where to Stay

  • Santika Bintaro Hotel
  • Novotel Tangerang
  • Allium Tangerang

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