Holiday at Situ Rawa Cipondoh in Banten Province

A wonderful holiday doesn’t have to be expensive. In Banten Province, there is a recommended tourist lure called Situ Rawa Cipondoh. It is actually a natural lake. To be exact, the location is in Cipondoh District. This place is quite crowded, especially in holidays. It is because most of the visitors are families and kids. The thing is the lake doesn’t have much popularity among outsiders. It is because Banten Province has too many natural attractions. Somehow, travelers miss the chance to explore this one.

The Nuance
At the first impression, Situ Rawa Cipondoh is similar to a swamp instead of a lake. The water is calm, yet it doesn’t feature clear water. Some features are available in this area including trees, duck boats, and benches. The most popular feature is indeed the colorful duck boats. Visitors are allowed to rent them regardless of the time. However, the boat requires a manual pedaling in order to operate. That means you need to have a good stamina prior to riding the duck boat.

Exploring Situ Rawa Cipondoh
According to the locals, Situ Rawa Cipondoh is quite affordable. That means you don’t need to spend much money to enjoy good times in this lake. It is a fun place for either families or a group of friends. Not to mention many fun facilities are available including flying fox, duck boats, and much more. In some occasions, the management performs a special musical performance. In this case, you need to learn about the schedule beforehand. At least, you must visit the location at the right time.

The size of the lake is about 10 ha. Apart from the lake, some parts of it are the land. It becomes the home of numerous outbound activities. In terms of age, the site has been there for more than a decade. According to the management, they keep doing improvements for the sake of visitors. The purpose is to attract more tourists over time. Hopefully, it can be the pride of Cipondoh District. Recently, the visitors come mostly from Tangerang, Karawang, Bandung, and Jakarta. It is rare to see foreign visitors, though.

During school holidays, kids keep coming to Situ Rawa Cipondoh. They take such opportunity by visiting this splendid recreational place. The best thing is related to the price. The entry fee is definitely affordable. However, you should pay more for the rides. One thing, the flying fox costs more than the duck boats. Make sure to carry much money. Not to mention you are going to spend some money for foods. Several local eateries are available and they offer numerous local foods such as fried rice, meatballs, siomay, etc.

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How to Get There
Before reaching Cipondoh District, you should head to Banten Province first. From Jakarta, the trip takes about an hour and the distance is 30 km. The fastest route is Pantura Street and the most comfortable transportation option is a private car. It is possible to use a public transportation, but it usually takes longer and more expensive.

Where to Stay

  • Kyriad Hotel
  • Allium Hotel
  • Ibis Hotel

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