The Forest House in Cidampit Village, Banten Province

A calm nuance gives a peaceful sensation for travelers. There is a great vacation spot in Banten Province called the Forest House. The location is in Cidampit Village. The locals call it “Rumah Pohon”. This tourist spot belongs to Taktakan District and Serang Regency. Have no worries. You can reach it from your location easily. As the name suggests, you can feel like living in a forest. The environment is suitable for a family vacation, for sure. Above all, it is perfect for camping.

The Nuance
It is a no brainer. The Forest House features lots trees. They come in different types, as well. With these features, you are able to enjoy a natural nuance and a comfortable atmosphere. Not to mention the trees create a shady environment. For a perfect relaxation, you can sit and relax in the gazebos. There are some of them in this tourist spot. During holidays, some locals come here for cycling and jogging. It is because there is an available path to explore. Are you interested?

Exploring the Forest House
A forest always gives a comfortable sensation. No wonder, the Forest House becomes a favorite place for eradicating stresses. Lots of people come from big cities including Jakarta, Bandung, etc. They come for one reason. It is to spend a relaxing time with their families. Thus, the best thing to do in the Forest House is a picnic. Make sure to come with your kids and spouse. It will be a worthy family vacation. In fact, it is considered quite affordable.

Apart from a family vacation, people come to the Forest House to learn some history. Lim Oei Ping was the one who turned such area into a serene tourist site. This man came to Serang in 1962 for wandering. His dream is to create a natural tourist attraction in a forest. He found Sayar Mountain and decided to build some facilities there. Today, people keep coming to this location either for a family vacation or relaxation. Thanks to Koh Iping. He created one of the most recommended tourist spots in Serang Regency.

Many facilities are available at the Forest House. These include gazebos, badminton fields, a library, etc. The best features are definitely the trees. Visitors can sit and relax in under the trees and enjoy a calm nuance with either friends or families. The visitors are not only families. Some students often come to the location for a field study. Also, those who love sports should come there. These days, the site is popular both among people in Banten and outsiders. Sometimes, foreign tourists also visit it.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
For those who come from Jakarta, you can simply head to Serang Regency. The route is in Pantura Street. Next, you can continue following Tangerang – Merak Freeway. The trip may take 2 hours and the distance is 85 km. Once you reach Serang, your next destination is Taktakan District and Cidampit Village. That’s all.

Where to Stay

  • Puri Kayana Hotel
  • Ratu Hotel 
  • D’gria Hotel

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