Curug Cigumawang in Kadu Bererum Village, Banten Province

Nature offers unlimited options for tourist spots. If you are visiting Baten Province, you should head to Pandaricang District. There is a beautiful waterfall called Cigumawang. The locals call it Curug Cigumawang, actually. To be exact, it is situated in Kadu Bererum Village. You also need to give a little bit efforts in reaching the fall. Have no worries. It is a rewarding trip. Once you reach the location, the views may never fail to amaze you. Both the atmosphere and water are quite satisfying.

The Nuance
The height of the waterfall is roughly 40 meters. The source of the water is in Bantu Mountain, actually. Remember, it is not safe for jumping! The thing is you can do many things nearby. These include camping, outbound, and rock climbing. Bathing is also possible, in fact. However, the water isn’t quite clear in the pond. For many, it looks unappealing and uncomfortable. What about you? The best part is the atmosphere. It is both soothing and refreshing. That means you can take advantage of the location for relaxation.

Exploring Curug Cigumawang
The first attraction is the story behind Cigumawang Waterfall. Many tourists are attracted to it. Make sure you get the right information from the locals, though. Cigumawang came from “bawang”. It means “onion” in English. It is because the falls of the water create a shape of an onion. There are also some rumors related to this waterfall. It is said if you come there with your lover, you are definitely going to live together forever. Another rumor is related to the healing power of the water. 

The thing is you need to pay the entry fee. In regular days, it doesn’t cost much. When it comes to holidays, you must spend more for the ticket! Thus, make sure to prepare enough cash prior to exploring the waterfall. Another consideration is the parking area. There is no such facility yet. That means you need to park your vehicle near to nearby houses. In some cases, you need to pay the parking fee. Some villagers are friendly, though. They won’t cost you any money.

Another stimulating activity is photography. It is because the nearby scenery is quite stunning. Your inner photography skills will be triggered instantly! For those who want to play in the water, make sure to carry extra clothes. The water can be quite cold in the morning, so you must be prepared. As mentioned earlier, the locals believe it has healing effects. Do you believe such thing? 

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
As mentioned earlier, Curug Cigumawang is situated in Pandaricang District. It belongs to Serang Regency. If you come from Jakarta, the whole trip takes 2-3 hours. The distance is roughly 117 km. When it comes to the best route, you can take Pantura Street. Next, you must turn to Tangerang-Merak Freeway. The trip is fast and comfortable as long as you use the right vehicle. For example, you should take either a private or rented car!

Where to Stay

  • Casa Krakatoa
  • Krakatau Cottage

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