Boen Hay Bio Temple in Serpong, Banten Province

Many Chinese temples are available in Indonesia. Banten Province is not an exception. If you visit Serpong, there is one called Boen Hay Bio Temple. The location is in Pasar Lama Street. It is actually the home of Kwan Seng Tee Kun. Another name of this god is Satyadharma Bodhisattva. Tourists come to this temple for numerous reasons. Apart from sightseeing, they also want to give a prayer. Somehow, it gives them good luck and prosperity. What about you? Do you believe in such kind of thing?

The Nuance
Once you reach the location, you can feel a calm nuance. The temple is located near to local settlement. It features a peaceful nuance, as well. The temple combines orange and red color. On the gate, you can see a unique statue. It has the shape of a crab. Inside, you can see different types of ornaments. Overall, the structure applies Chinese design and culture. In front of the temple, there is a parking area, as well. If you come by motorcycle, you can park it there.

Exploring Boen Hay Bio Temple
The first thing to do is to learn the history of Boen Hay Bio Temple. It is one of the oldest temples in Tangerang Regency. If you want to learn the history of the temple, you can talk to the keeper. As mentioned before, there is a giant crab statue situated on the top of the gate. What does it mean? According to the Chinese culture, such crab is able to protect the temple against bad spirits. Apart from the crab, there are also lanterns. These become the symbol of luck.

Next exploration is related to the interior of the temple. You can find two Kim Lo. It is a place for burning incense and prayer paper. There is also a hiolo. Visitors use it to give a prayer to the God of Sky. Next, there are candles. These things are always flaming. The locals believe consider them as the symbol of eternal life. Next, it is the pillars. You can see dragon carving on those pillars. They look so beautiful and majestic.

What’s next? There is an altar of Thay Sui. He is the God of Time. According to the history, people started giving prayer to Thay Sui since the reign of Yuan Dynasty. Most of the time, these people wanted a good luck prior to doing big projects. The next attraction is the Barongsay performance. One thing, you need to come at the right time. The dancers only perform it based on the schedule. Thus, you must research the schedule first before visiting the temple. It is a must!

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How to Get There
From Jakarta, you can take Jakarta-Serpong Freeway. The trip costs approximately an hour. The distance is 39 km, so it is going to be a short trip. Still, make sure to use a proper vehicle. You don’t want to risk the comfort, do you? When it is about accommodations, you can several hotels in Serpong.

Where to Stay

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