Ki Asoko Adi Negoro Park in Cipondoh, Banten Province

Banten Province is a worthy place to visit. It is part of Indonesia and it has numerous types of vacation destinations. Here is a recommendation. The name is Ki Asoko Adi Negoro Park. The locals use it to relax and spend good times with families. Kids and teenagers often play games in this area, too. This park is located in Hasyim Ashari Street 50. It is in Cipondoh District. Also, it is part of Tangerang City. Regardless of the age, everyone is allowed to visit and explore the park.

The Nuance
In terms of nuance, it is similar to any regular parks. However, it features good local ambiance. The park features places to relax and beautiful plants. Most of the visitors are people who live in Cipondoh and nearby cities. You can even see some kids playing in the park. They come either with friends or parents. Some teenagers are also seen in this area. Usually, they carry a mobile phone or a camera. The purpose is to take selfies and good pictures of objects in the park.

Exploring Ki Asoko Adi Negoro Park
Once you get to Cipondoh District, you must find a good hotel. Regardless of tourist destinations, you should include the park on the list. That means you need to drop by in the park while spending a holiday in Cipondoh. The locals consider the park as a community site. It is suitable either for exercising or relaxation. Parents can introduce numerous outdoor activities to their kids, as well. It is as simple as playing “hide and seek”. Not to mention it gives you the chance to bond with your family members.

As for the tips, you must have prepared some foods and drinks prior to visiting the park. Why is that? No facilities and food vendors are seen in this location. If not, you should have eaten something before reaching the park. Today, Ki Asoko Adi Negoro becomes a good location for a picnic. Despite your age, a picnic is suitable for you. Thanks to the park, it features both good scenery and stunning features. In a nutshell, visitors won’t regret coming to this area.

Another reason to visit Ki Asoko Adi Negoro is due to its amazing natural ambiance. Somehow, it gives you a peaceful sensation. It becomes an opportunity to get closer to nature. The park is a solution for those who want to eradicate stresses. No wonder, some visitors also come from other big cities such as Jakarta, Bandung, etc. These people find the park interesting and comfortable. Each of them has a different reason to visit the park, though.

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How to Get There
A trip to Ki Asoko Adi Negoro Park costs about an hour, especially from Jakarta. It is because the distance is only 28 km. The best route to use is Pantura Street. Next, you can use Merak-Jakarta Freeway. If it is possible, you should ride a private car. Why is that? It is important to avoid checkpoints and bus stations. This way, you can reach the destination faster.

Where to Stay

  • Kyriad Hotel
  • Allium Hotel
  • Ibis Hotel

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